February 06, 2013


For months now I've been planning to turn our spare hallway closet/storage area into a walk in shoe closet. My boyfriend has SO many shoes (over 40 pairs) and the OCD in me really wanted to organize everything nicely somewhere. I finally found the motivation to put everything that was originally in the closet into storage, buy a few items from Ikea, and make my fantastic shoe closet. Okay fine no.... I wasn't actually that motivated to do it... I just didn't feel like doing homework.

I present to you... my hanging shoe closet!
(Note: I took apart the closet door so that it is more open)

Items that I used from Ikea:

Ikea Mulig Bar
 I used two of these (the length is adjustable). When I screwed them into place, I made one of 
them higher than the other. Mainly because I needed to make sure 
that they were screwed into studs. If you can't picture it in your head, it kind of looked like 
a step because the left bar was lower than the other.

Ikea Skubb Organizer
I used 5 of these in total. I chose black because white would get dirty easily. I placed 
my boyfriend's sneakers (all 42 of them) into each slot. His hightop sneakers are on 
the bottom since the space is bigger. I also used one of these for my own flats.

Ikea Skubb Organizer
 I bought 2 of these. I didn't realize it till now but I own a lot of boots and booties. 
Those obviously won't fit into the hanging black organizer and so I bought this one 
because of the bigger spaces. Since these were going to be solely for my shoes, 
I chose purple :D 

All of my boyfriend's sneakers.

My boots, booties, and Uggs!

I didn't have anywhere for heels and so I placed them on top for now.

Make sure you have a stud finder and you use it properly
Or else this will happen LOL! The guy at Home
Depot must think I'm a reject for going back so many times
to ask for help.


  1. That is A LOT of shoes... for a guy lol Does he have more than you?

    1. omg YES he has so many more shoes than me!! I'm not really that much of a shoe person though. I would rather buy expensive bags and lots of clothes to wear! It's a good thing that I don't have a lot of shoes because they wouldn't have fit!

  2. Every girl loves their shoes and I guess, each girl has an average of 10-15 shoes, but some boys love their shoes as well, like your boyfriend. Who can blame them, right? Everyone loves a good pair of shoes, even boys. Haha! Opposite to you, I am obsessed with shoes. I love, love, love them! You can wear the same outfit twice with different shoes, and it'll look different. That's why I so love the shoes, plus comfortable shoes is happiness! Haha!

    1. Haha yeah.. I guess my boyfriend loves his shoes as much as I love purses!! I think that once I'm done nursing school then I'll start buying myself more shoes... like Louboutins! LOTS of them!