February 23, 2013


This week has been super stressful for me and it feels like it's flown by. I am so bad with doing my homework on time that I end up leaving everything to the last minute and I end up dying in stress! This is what my week looked like:

Last Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Read a 100 page module and studied for exam
Monday - Exam and catched up on Community Health readings (~ 60 pages)
Tuesday - Finally finished Community readings, did Leadership readings + online posting
Wednesday - 8 hours of clinical + did midterm evaluation (took me 4 hours)
Thursday - Another 8 hours of clinical + read another 100 page module
Friday (today) - Spent 12 hours writing a 10 page paper that was due at midnight

But it's finally over and done with! I'm so exhausted: mentally and physically. I barely got any sleep this week . I didn't even spend that much time shopping online because I was so busy haha.

I did buy a bag though!! This morning!
I'm not going to say which one I got until I get it in the mail :P

I also put one of my Louis Vuitton bags on sale on my Ebay
In case any of you are interested :)
There are currently 80 people watching my listing (yikes)

I'm selling my Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch
It is 100% authentic and 8/10 condition
Comes with the long leather strap and dust bag
My Ebay name is Babydoll_73

I dunno.. it's a really nice bag and all but I NEVER use it!!
As soon as I put this for sale, I went hunting for a bag to buy
If you read my previous posts, you might get an idea of what bag I ended up buying today lol

While I was on Ebay, I somehow ended up looking at Zara coats. I've never bought anything from Zara before but some of their coats are REALLY nice! I should make more of an effort to go there.

Here are some coats that I really like:

This coat looks so warm. Black matches with everything!

Here is another Zara coat that I found
This one is made out of wool though.. and I'm allergic to some types of wool
This might be too itchy for me to wear!! Too bad because it's cute

This is a no name coat that I ended up finding by fluke
Can you believe that it's only $27 CAD!?!
I ended up buying it (obviouslyyyyyyyy)
It's like the Zara coat above but cheaper!


  1. I can relate to this soo much. Even after grad school...work seems like school again and somehow I end up doing a bulk of my work right before deadlines. At the same time I feel like my best work is when under this stress. The worst part is when I want to look at shopping websites heheh while I am supposed to be concentrating. :) ;) ;)

    1. OMG I know! Thankfully I'm pretty good at writing papers so even though I leave things to the last minute I'll still get a really good mark haha. It takes me forever to write them though. What should only take me maybe one or two days will take me a week because I will waste my time looking at clothes online... or blogging :P In the end, school becomes very expensive. Not because of the classes and tuition but because being forced to do my school work online increases the chances of me buying something. Yikes!!