January 15, 2014

Longchamp Le Pliage

I have been wanting a new bag that I could use for school and travelling (since I sleepover at my boy-friends house a lot). Since I've been a poor and lazy nursing student, I was just using one of my Lululemon shopping bags to lug my stuff around. But of course that bag didn't last forever and fell apart. Then I tried to use shopping bags but they looked ridiculous. So I went on a search online for the perfect bag. I didn't want anything that would be too expensive since you know... I haven't exactly been hired yet!!

At first, I was thinking of buying a Kate Spade Bon Shopper Tote. My boy-friend's sister has one and I liked how it was very roomy and durable. However, I changed my mind last minute because I thought that some of the prints were too "out there" and not my style. 

My boy-friend's sister has this one

So then I decided on getting a Longchamp bag because they are lightweight, somewhat affordable, and they are so cute on!! A couple of my girlfriends own Longchamp bags as well. I was never interested in them at first but after googling some images, I think that they are the perfect work or travel bag! 

I was going to buy the Longchamp Le Pliage in black and large, but then I found this limited edition one on Ebay...

The bag was normally over $200 CDN at Holt Renfrew but I bought mine online from Ebay for only $120 CDN :D I love bargain shopping! I was thinking of buying the same bag and print but with the longer straps, but then I thought about it and felt like the shorter handles make it easier for me to grab things out of my bag. 

I have to get back to studying now wish me luck xoxo

January 09, 2014

Happy 26th Bday to Me!

I celebrated my birthday 4 (soon to be 5) times this year because I have so many group of friends. I celebrated it first with my girlfriend Jennifer who took me to a Japanese restaurant called Minami. Then, I celebnrated my birthday again with my old coworkers. We had dinner at the restaurant we used to work at and then we went to this club called Celebrities for Slow Jam Sunday. It was fun!

Skirt - Tobi
Leggings - House of Holland
Blouse - Splendid
Booties - Sam Edelman

Then, I celebrated it with around 30 of my friends at a seafood restaurant called Bluewater. The plan was for me to get my makeup done at Mac (I always get mine done by Jen at Pacific Centre), go home and get ready, then head to the restaurant with my sister. But the day before my party my boy-friend surprised me with a hotel room at the Fairmont downtown! He said I could use the room for me and my girlfirends so we didn't have to worry about cabbing home after we partied :D

Hanging out at the hot tub before my dinner with my gf
I'm wearing a Have Faith bikini

We secretly snuck our champagne bottle down into the hot tub room
LOL sneaky sneaky 

All ready for my birthday party!
Earrings - Le Chateau (they were only $20!!)
Dress - Holt Eli dress
My makeup is done by MAC

Another picture of my dress

One of the best gifts I have ever gotten for my birthday!!
A trip to Vegas with my two best friends <3

Some of my girlfriends!

Then I celebrated my birthday on my actual day with my family. We went to church (I hadn't gone in a really long time) and then we ate some Filipino food. It was soooooooooo good. I ate way too much

Authentic Filipino food from Pin Pin

AND THEN... I had dinner that night with my boy-friend :D

So much food..... I must have gained so much weight this December

Sorry the picture is kinda dark
Top - Blaque Label
Necklace - J Crew

Then.. I celebrated my birthday again with two of my other girlfriends. One of them is one of my oldest best friends and we've known eachother since kindgergarten. The other I met through one of my old jobs. The three of us still keep in touch even though we barely see eachother now because our lives are so busy and different. We basically see eachother three times a year on our birthdays haha. 

 Dinner at the Wildebeest and beer at Chambar

And that's not it! I'm still going for a very late birthday dinner with my girlfriend Irene next week because she was unable to make it to my dinner at Bluewater. I feel so loved and spoiled on my birthday even though I am not excited to be 26 :D :P

January 05, 2014

OOTDs + some other stuff

So I am officially 26 years old now!! I celebrated my birthday... 4 times LOL because I have so many different groups of friends. I'll have to write my birthday post another time because it's quite extensive. But here are some OOTD pictures in the mean time. 

I'm wearing this outfit right now. I'm supposed to go to the states to go grocery shopping with my boy-friend (I put a "-" inbetween because I refuse to call him my "boyfriend" until he officially asks me out) but he is ONE HOUR LATE!! So frustrating because I could have done errands. PS: I can't stand how I still look like a 17 year old when I just turned 26 lol.

Headband - Danier
Faux fur vest - Sammydress (a super cheap online store)
Shirt - J Crew
Bag - Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM
Jeans - Bebe

Wore this out when I went to get my nails done!

Sweater - Kenzo
Jeans - Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick
Faux fur vest - BB Dakota 
Sunglasses - Tom Ford
Watch - Michael Kors
Bracelets - Tiffany & Co. / Pandora
Bag - Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM

Finally got my nails done because I'm not working right now! 

Bought this skirt from H&M for only $20 CAD. 
But I might return it because I'm supposed to be "saving money" lol

I went to get my drivers license renewed the other day. I didn't realize we couldn't wear hats so they wouldn't let me take my picture (I refused to take my hat off because I had messy hair and no makeup). So I ended up leaving and coming back after I  made myself look pretty LOL. I stopped by Sephora after I left the first time because I was so angry and I picked up so stuff. 

Stila liquid eyeliner - THE BEST EVER!! Totally worth the money

Ole Henriksen kit - I ran out of face cream so I thought I would grab a new brand at Sephora. I didn't end up buying any and went for a face oil instead. SOOO MUCH BETTER! It's not oily at all (I have combination skin) and it makes my skin feel sooooooo healthy and youthful. I read the reviews about this brand Ole Henriksen and it got nothing but 5 stars from customers. I highly recommend trying it out. This kit was on sale for $44 CAD and it includes face wipes, face wash, face oil and serum. You will look/feel awesome. 

Someone asked if I could post pictures of my room/dresser a long time ago but I never got around to doing it. Partly because it has taken me over 2 years to finish my room since moving to my new house... I'm so slow/lazy! I always seem to end up using my money to buy clothes instead of finishing my room up. This is what it looks like so far. I still need to buy a Venetian mirror for above my dresser and I want to buy more bowls for my rings and bracelets. I also want to add more pictures somewhere.