February 28, 2013


I decided a few days ago that I would attempt to not buy anything for at least 2 months. This means no online shopping!! I'll still buy food here and there, but no more pricey dinner dates with my girlfriends. This will give me the opportunity to pay off my Visa card.... so that I can buy another bag LOL. 
Let's see if I can do it!

I'm in love with Nicole Richie's Balenciaga Work Bag in Turquoise. It retails around $1500 CAD (I think). This will definitely be the next bag that I buy. 

[day 4]

February 26, 2013

My very first designer bag

My first love lol

When I was 18, I bought myself my very first Louis Vuitton bag. I was 16 years old when I got my first job at a small clothing store. I remember being so excited at the thought of being independent. I no longer needed to rely on my parents to pay my for my cellphone, and I could spend as much as I wanted on clothes. I finally decided at 18 that I would save enough money to buy my first designer bag. After spending a lot of time researching on the internet, I decided that I wanted the Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Speedy in Ebony. I didn't want to buy one at full price though, and so I also spent a lot of time researching reliable sellers on Ebay. I finally found my bag for sale by authentic_lvlady for about $700. Although it was used, it was still in pretty good condition. Waiting for my bag to arrive in the mail was so painstakingly difficult. It's like waiting to hear if you have been accepted into nursing school lol. When it finally did arrive, it was love at first sight. I felt so proud telling my friends that this was an authentic bag that I had bought with my own money.

This bag ended up lasting me a very, very, long time. I probably used this bag everyday for the next 3 years. I kind of wished that I had chosen a different Louis Vuitton bag because the Mini Lin is made out of fabric, which makes it more prone to wearing out. As you can see in my picture, the bottom corners of my bag have rubbed off! The fabric has also been discolored by the stupid Louis Vuitton padlock. Oh well. This bag is still my first love <3

For a long time, I didn't end up buying myself any new bags. I actually ended up buying my next 2 Louis Vuitton bags for my mom! I figured that my mom had worked so hard all of her life to get to where she is today. She was born into a really poor family but because of her perseverance and strong desire to succeed, she is now in a position that pays her $50/hour. My mom is also a single mother and survivor of breast cancer. I love my mom because she is such an inspiration! However, my mom is also very "stingy" with her money. She has never bought herself a nice bag before and so I thought that I would buy her one (or maybe two) to show her how much I appreciate her.

The first bag that I bought my mom was the Louis Vuitton Speedy in Damier Azure. This was for her birthday. The second bag that I bought my mom (halfed this with my sister) was the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM, which was for one of her birthdays as well. I love shopping and am a self-proclaimed shopaholic. This includes loving to shop for other people! It makes me happy having nice things and I like to share that happiness with others by buying nice things for them as well. Plus, one of the pros of having a mom and sister is that you get to share clothing/bags ;) 

My mom with her Louis Vuitton Neverfull <3

February 24, 2013

Annoyed with HWK

I'm really annoyed with my nursing research class. This is my most difficult class this term because my brain really doesn't seem to understand anything that I read from my textbook. I was honestly becoming very angry today as I tried to get through my online readings. It can be hard processing new information when all that is running through my head is "what the f*ck is this f*cking sh*t talking about!?!!"

ANYWAYS... I ended up buying a sweater online. Yes, I know. Last shopping purchase. I swear! I was reading Native Fox's blog and she posted a picture of her wearing this cute baby blue chunky knit sweater. She said it was from this website called Goodnight Macaroon and so I checked it out and the sweater was only $67 USD. I was feeling pretty angry about my research class so I bought it :P

Blogger Native Fox
Off shoulder chunky cableknit sweater
$67 USD

So at the end of each of our online modules, there is always a quiz that we have to do. None of the quiz's are for marks. Just "participation" marks. By this point I was raging with tiredness, sickness, and anger. I literally put in any answer without thinking about it. And wouldn't you know. 100%! Maybe if I do the same thing during my online midterm next week I'll get 100% too bahahaha

February 23, 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Lita

I've seen and heard about Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a long time now. I always thought that they were very "out there" and interesting designs. I never thought that I would end up wanting or wearing a pair though. Yet, as I was reading a post by blogger Kenzas, she posted a really cute outfit of her wearing a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I WAS SOLD! Who knew that these shoes were so cute on? They range from $162-$230 USD. I just bought a bag so I'm trying very hard not to buy a pair of these right now. Doesn't hurt to drool over a few pictures though :D

 This is an outfit by Kenzas. It's so cute!! I tried
looking for Litas in this color but can't find any at the moment

Jessica Alba wearing a pair of Litas

Sooooo many Litas!

Litas paired with thigh high leggings and shorts. Cute


I've come down with the cold so I put together a comfy outfit to do some errands today.
I guess the lack of sleep and homework stress is catching up to me!!

Hat - Chrome Hearts
Top - Splendid (BUY HERE)
Leggings - American Apparel (BUY HERE)
Boots - Muks (BUY HERE)
Faux fur vest - BB Dakota
Bag - Gucci (BUY HERE)
Bracelet - Pandora (BUY HERE)
Necklace - Gold Chinese necklace from my Dad
Iphone case - Marc by Marc Jacobs (BUY HERE)

I just noticed that I haven't posted any OOTD pictures recently. So I reflected back on this past week and thought about what I've worn. WELL.... because I have 5 online classes I haven't left my house for 5 days and have been in PJs. The only 2 times that I've gone out is for clinical, and even then I'm wearing jeans and baggy sweaters. My clinical instructor asked me to wear shirts that are as baggy as possible. I'm working in the downtown eastside right now with people who are homeless and have addiction problems. I kept getting hit on inappropriately which is why I need the "baggy" sweaters to cover me up lol. 

So I pretty much have not worn anything nice except for today!!


This week has been super stressful for me and it feels like it's flown by. I am so bad with doing my homework on time that I end up leaving everything to the last minute and I end up dying in stress! This is what my week looked like:

Last Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Read a 100 page module and studied for exam
Monday - Exam and catched up on Community Health readings (~ 60 pages)
Tuesday - Finally finished Community readings, did Leadership readings + online posting
Wednesday - 8 hours of clinical + did midterm evaluation (took me 4 hours)
Thursday - Another 8 hours of clinical + read another 100 page module
Friday (today) - Spent 12 hours writing a 10 page paper that was due at midnight

But it's finally over and done with! I'm so exhausted: mentally and physically. I barely got any sleep this week . I didn't even spend that much time shopping online because I was so busy haha.

I did buy a bag though!! This morning!
I'm not going to say which one I got until I get it in the mail :P

I also put one of my Louis Vuitton bags on sale on my Ebay
In case any of you are interested :)
There are currently 80 people watching my listing (yikes)

I'm selling my Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch
It is 100% authentic and 8/10 condition
Comes with the long leather strap and dust bag
My Ebay name is Babydoll_73

I dunno.. it's a really nice bag and all but I NEVER use it!!
As soon as I put this for sale, I went hunting for a bag to buy
If you read my previous posts, you might get an idea of what bag I ended up buying today lol

While I was on Ebay, I somehow ended up looking at Zara coats. I've never bought anything from Zara before but some of their coats are REALLY nice! I should make more of an effort to go there.

Here are some coats that I really like:

This coat looks so warm. Black matches with everything!

Here is another Zara coat that I found
This one is made out of wool though.. and I'm allergic to some types of wool
This might be too itchy for me to wear!! Too bad because it's cute

This is a no name coat that I ended up finding by fluke
Can you believe that it's only $27 CAD!?!
I ended up buying it (obviouslyyyyyyyy)
It's like the Zara coat above but cheaper!

February 19, 2013


So I ended up getting 90% on my exam!! I'm so happy that I wanna buy something!! REALLY EXPENSIVE! ..... like an Alexander Wang bag! That quiz stressed the F out of me because I didn't finish my readings until last minute. I need to stop being such a procrastinator. I'm also kind of stressed out right now because I've been experiencing some health issues. Like... sharp shooting pain in my lower abdomen. Possibly to do with my colon. I have my doctor's appointment on Monday :( 

So... not only do I deserve to treat myself to a bag but it'll help take my mind off of things! 

February 18, 2013


I'm so angry right now. While I was writing my exam today I got outbid on my Muubaa leather jacket. This is the second time I've lost an item on Ebay. WHY GOD WHY!!!
Maybe it's a sign that I should be saving my money?

February 17, 2013


I have my oxygen supply and demand quiz this coming Monday, and so I've trying to study for days because I want to get at least 90% (I have high hopes!). It's really hard though.. you know.. concentrating on my online readings when I get so easily distracted with shopping. Today my girlfriend and I went across the border to pick up our parcels. I finally got my black Equipment blouse (which is super soft), my Tory Burch Iphone case (which I think may be fake but it was only $7), and my Splendid top that was on sale for only $29. I love going to the post office because it feels like Christmas lol.

I told myself that I was going to do some hardcore studying when I got home but surprise surprise... I couldn't get off of my Ebay. I have been searching for days for a grey Alexander Wang Diego to buy. I'm so mad at myself. I want the oyster grey and I had one on my wait list and was totally planning to buy it at the end of the auction but some biatch decided to use the "buy it now" option. Lesson learned: buy right away!

There is a grey Alexander Wang Diego currently on Ebay but it isn't the shade of grey that I want. It's mercury grey which is more bluish. I would rather wait. Then, I decided that I wanted to buy Isabel Marant sneakers so I spent another hour looking for a pair in my size. Well since those are around $700 I def didn't end up buying any lol. And thennnnnnnn.... I suddenly became infatuated with leather jackets. 

 My old Mackage jackets that I sold

I used to have 2 Mackage leather jackets. A dark green one from Aritzia and another black bomber style one from Aritzia as well. I ended up selling both of them because I didn't wear them and I wanted the money to buy something new (I ended up taking my boyfriend to Whistler). I was fine with having no leather jackets because I didn't think that I would wear them, but my boyfriend ended up buying me another Mackage jacket for Christmas. So as of now, I have one black one!

Mackage Kenya... the jacket I want but everyone has

I was thinking of buying another Mackage leather jacket because I am a huge Mackage fan... but I'm sick of wearing the same things as the rest of Vancouver. Almost everyone owns the Mackage Kenya. I really wanted it before but now, not so much! So I researched and discovered some other really good leather jacket brands. 

#1. Doma
2. Viparo
#3. Muubaa

I used to own a Doma jacket when I was younger and the leather is REALLY soft. It's buttery soft. Both Doma and Muubuu can be bought off of sites like Revolve.com and Asos. They are about the same price as Mackage and range around $500-600 CAD. I obviously hate paying full price when I don't need to so I went back onto Ebay.... and found leather jackets for super CHEAP!! (cheap in my opinion)

I told myself that I was going to wait till tomorrow to buy a leather jacket but nope.
 I did it anyways. 
So here is my new baby <3

Isn't it great!? :D

February 15, 2013


Happy (belated) Valentine's Day Everyone!
I hope you all felt loved and pampered on this special romantic day.

I came home from clinical to a lovely surprise from my boyfriend :D
My very first Pandora charm bracelet & some pretty long stemmed roses!
We decided to keep our Vday pretty chill and low key this year.
We ended up grabbing some Korean food and watched the new
movie Safe Haven. It was alright... still doesn't beat the Notebook though

I finally stopped by my Mom's house to pick up some items
My sister told me that I had a sh*tload of packages there!
HMMM... I wonder what they could be?

My goodies!!!!
I'm currently using the Marc by Marc Jacobs Iphone case right now
and I'm in love with it! I also love the Moschino belt... can't wait to wear it out
I still have like 9 other things to pick up with my gf at our PO Box in the States
We'll be doing that tomorrow so more surprises to come!

I also did some more shopping at 1:40am last night (lol)
I was so tired from trying to finish my homework but I got so 
distracted looking at clothes!! 
My 3 items came to a total of $70 ish. Not bad?

February 13, 2013


I went to Big White over the weekend with my boyfriend and his friends. I got to snowboard for the first time ever!! It was scary at first but I took one lesson with my girlfriend just to learn the basics. It is def an adrenaline rush! I'm going to try to snowboard more often so that I can have a good reason to buy myself some cute snowboarding outfits... lol.

Toque - Marc Jacobs
Jacket - Mackage Joey 
Goggles - Nooooooooo idea lol
I rented everything else including the board

On another note, I stopped by the mall today to return that MAC bronzer that I had bought last week in exchange for this Nars one from Sephora which got mad crazy reviews.

The reviews were spot on because this bronzer feels so smooth and silky on! 
It is way better than the MAC one haha. 
Plus... I bought it using a gift card that my sister gave me
So it was for free! Score!

My girlfriend owns this and I tried it over the weekend
I usually use my Stila liquid liner for my top eyelid
But I like lining the bottom of my eyes with eyeliner pencil
This one goes on smooth and stays on
It's also only $12
I had a bunch of empty MAC containers that I needed to exchange
 http://nicolecourchaine.blogspot.ca suggested to try out Mac lipstick in Honeylove
This will probably be my new fave lipstick!

I have an obsession with MAC lipstick & lipgloss
NOTE: some of my lipstick looks mangled
That's what happens when you let your 2 year old niece play with them!