February 24, 2013

Annoyed with HWK

I'm really annoyed with my nursing research class. This is my most difficult class this term because my brain really doesn't seem to understand anything that I read from my textbook. I was honestly becoming very angry today as I tried to get through my online readings. It can be hard processing new information when all that is running through my head is "what the f*ck is this f*cking sh*t talking about!?!!"

ANYWAYS... I ended up buying a sweater online. Yes, I know. Last shopping purchase. I swear! I was reading Native Fox's blog and she posted a picture of her wearing this cute baby blue chunky knit sweater. She said it was from this website called Goodnight Macaroon and so I checked it out and the sweater was only $67 USD. I was feeling pretty angry about my research class so I bought it :P

Blogger Native Fox
Off shoulder chunky cableknit sweater
$67 USD

So at the end of each of our online modules, there is always a quiz that we have to do. None of the quiz's are for marks. Just "participation" marks. By this point I was raging with tiredness, sickness, and anger. I literally put in any answer without thinking about it. And wouldn't you know. 100%! Maybe if I do the same thing during my online midterm next week I'll get 100% too bahahaha

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