October 31, 2012


 Getting ready to workout!
Top - Lululemon 
Pants - Invicta by Lululemon (I fit a size 14 in girls)
These were both bought at the outlet store in Burnaby. Super CHEAP!

Getting ready for dinner with my boyfriend.
Cardigan - Marciano
Jeans - Citizens of Humanity Avedon Slick (BUY HERE)
Boots: Michael Antonio (bought these from beyondtherack for only $30)
Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (BUY HERE)

Colorful scrubs on an ugly rainy day :D
PS: I don't smoke... those aren't mine! I was waiting for my ride

Went to dinner at Chambar with my boyfriend.
Had so many different types of Belgian beer!! Mine was served in a cool glass!

Lamb... one of my faves!

Random game that I found at Chapters. Haven't tried it out yet lol

Practiced my cooking skills and made some hashbrown casserole.

Pumpkin carving at my Mom's house for Halloween.

My sister's attempt lol!

Our pumpkins!! My boyfriend (Yum) made spongebob

My adorable niece!! (ignore the garbage bin in the background)




I've been becoming obsessed with this whole camouflage thing again. I remember back in the day when camouflage was trending in Vancouver... I owned camouflage hats, skirts, pants.... everything!! I'm kind of excited that it's starting to become popular again lol. 

There was a sale on Tobi.com today (regular priced items 40% off). I was planning to buy this cardigan but I left to go take my niece trick-or-treating at the mall. By the time I got home it was sold out (F*CK!!). I'm kind of glad that it is though because I ended up finding similar cardigans for cheaper online.

This one is from Mickeysgirl.com. It's on the pricier side for $58

I really liked this one from Topshop.com but it's all sold out :( It's also very expensive... about $74 CAD

Another cheaper one from Ebay

I ended up buying this one from Ebay! It came to about $24 CAD. It'll look so cute with black leggings and short biker boots.

Another one from Ebay.

October 22, 2012


My sister has a Clarisonic Mia2 and she says that it's a good purchase. Another blogger who I follow (shopwithjenna) uses one as well! My skin has been breaking out like crazy lately and it's driving me insane. I don't know if it's the weather change or the stress from school but I need to do something about it asap. I researched the Clarisonic website and I've decided that I want the Pro version because there are 3 different speeds plus you can use it on the body. They have some really cute limited edition colors but they are all around $235 and really pricey!! I tried looking for some on Ebay as well but I can't find any of the ones that I want. So I guess I'll just wait it out for now... but these are the ones that I plan to get:

Aren't these colors so cute?? I can't wait for great skin!

October 20, 2012


Remember a few months ago when I made a post about how I was planning to re-decorate my room? Well... I did finish. Probably like 80% of it. And then my boyfriend asked me to move in with him so there was no point to bother with my room anymore lol!! I was pretty sad because I had spent so much time fixing up my room and I was honestly so happy with the results that I didn't want to move out. But my boyfriend really wanted me to be there for him and so I agreed to move into his apartment. I'll do a posting on my room and give a review about the various products that I bought for it when I have more time. In the meantime... I'm on a new mission to re-decorate. This time i'll be re-decorating my boyfriend's apartment!! We've already bought a couple of things from Ikea but there is still a lot that I'm planning to buy.

Things to buy:

Ikea Mulig Clothes Rack
There is closet/den on the right hand side when you first enter my boyfriend's apartment. It used to be full of empty boxes and junk but I've taken the time to throw everything away. I'm going to turn it into an area for our winter jackets and maybe some of my shoes since we don't have enough room in our shoe closet. I'm going to buy one of these clothes racks from Ikea and stick it in there!

Ikea Expedit Shelf in White
This shelf is perfect for our computer room. I like it in white because it's fresh looking to me. I'll use it to store my school binders and maybe some photo albums.

Ikea Knipsa and Branas Storage Boxes
I want to put these wooden boxes inside the expedit shelf. I'm just not sure which one I would choose yet. 

Ikea Bjursta Sideboard Table
I would place this table in our hallway right by our kitchen and dining room. Our kitchen is a little small on storage place and so I can use this to store things like our blender, deep fryer, rice cooker, etc. I think it'll look nice if I place picture frames on top! 

Ikea Hemnes Mirror
I want to stick this on the wall above that table. If I don't place a mirror there then I'll probably put some sort of nice painting instead. 

Another picture of the table with artwork on the wall above.

Ikea Malm Sidetable
I want side tables for our bed. I don't really like these but they were the nicest ones on the Ikea site. I want to put one on each side of the bed with lamps on top. Then I can store my books and remote controls inside the drawers. I chose black-brown because our bed frame is black.

What we've bought so far:
Ikea Stave Mirror in White
Bought this mirror to hang inside our walk in closet. 

As you can see it hasn't been hung yet lol

Ikea Benzy Bedsheets
Since I am now living with a BOY and can't have purple girly bedsheets... I opted for this print. 

This looks like a nice "unisex" bedroom!

Ikea Skubb Closet Organizers
I convinced my boyfriend to let me buy purple closet storage since it would be for "my clothes"! The only girly thing that I get in this apartment. I used the boxes to put things like my scarves, socks, hats, and underwear in.

One last look at our walk in closet. Notice how the majority of the space is taken up by my boyfriend? Not impressed.

When you enter our apartment, to the left side is a closet that is supposed to be for some shoes and winter coats. I decided to turn that closet into a closet just for shoes while the closet/den across from it will be for our winter coats (as I had mentioned above). We bought two of these hanging black shoe holders which are great! 

The light beige ones on the left are from Beyondtherack. They were a rip off and can only hold one shoe. The Ikea ones are MUCH better and are cheaper too. I'm planning to buy more because as you can see there is still not enough space for our shoes. PS: 90% of these shoes are my boyfriend's... geeze

October 18, 2012


I woke up incredibly sick this morning and so I had to miss clinical. I woke up with an extremely sore throat, pounding headache and cold sweats. Not too happy about this because I really didn't want to miss school!! I'm thinking about going to clinical tomorrow but I'm not supposed to because I'm contagious. Ah...

My old manager also passed away a few hours ago. He was very close to me and I considered him to be my second grandpa. He pretty much watched me grow up over the years and he's been a great mentor. He always told me how proud he was that I decided to go into nursing school. He's been battling liver cancer for a few months now... he's such a strong individual. I love and miss you Melo :( 

Anyways... I can't really concentrate on my homework so I'm just looking at things that I want to buy online. 

I want the jacket on the left. It's from Riverisland.com and is 55pounds which is equivalent to $87CAD. However, they are sold out of size 6 which sucks!! The one on the right has available sizes but I am not sure if I will get it... let's just say that I am 60% "yes"

Isn't this so funny? It's a PJ set with two meerkats on the sweater. Me and my boyfriend have an inside joke about meerkats and this reminded me of him lol. 25pounds so $40CAD

I bought this scarf in dark blue two years ago. I came home that day and my mom told me that she was feeling sad, and so being the nice daughter that I was I told my mom that she could use this scarf. I left it in her possession. Now the biatch has told me that she can't find it which pisses me off because I paid $385 for it!!!! Anyways, I want a new one. HUMPH!