October 31, 2012


I've been becoming obsessed with this whole camouflage thing again. I remember back in the day when camouflage was trending in Vancouver... I owned camouflage hats, skirts, pants.... everything!! I'm kind of excited that it's starting to become popular again lol. 

There was a sale on Tobi.com today (regular priced items 40% off). I was planning to buy this cardigan but I left to go take my niece trick-or-treating at the mall. By the time I got home it was sold out (F*CK!!). I'm kind of glad that it is though because I ended up finding similar cardigans for cheaper online.

This one is from Mickeysgirl.com. It's on the pricier side for $58

I really liked this one from Topshop.com but it's all sold out :( It's also very expensive... about $74 CAD

Another cheaper one from Ebay

I ended up buying this one from Ebay! It came to about $24 CAD. It'll look so cute with black leggings and short biker boots.

Another one from Ebay.


  1. Did you order this?! SO cute

    1. i ordered the one from ebay because the one that i showed you was sold out!!