December 31, 2012


So it's New Years Eve and I woke up this morning extremely sick. I'm hoping that I'll feel better asap because I really wanted to go out tonight with my boyfriend. You see... this is the first year where I'm not closing at the restaurant that I work at and the first year where I'll technically be able to celebrate New Years Eve for the first time!! Should I suck it up and go out and just die for the rest of the week? I really wanted to go to Science World tonight :P

On the other hand... I've suddenly become obsessed with Equipment blouses. I've found several on Ebay for cheaper prices which I'm very very tempted to buy. I want this blouse in so many styles and colors now.

This is blogger Native Fox wearing a black Equipment blouse
(Also the reason why I became obsessed with them)
She has GREAT fashion style and clothes! 
Follow her blog here ---> Native Fox

Collarless style Equipment blouse

Another collarless style 

I love the color contrast in this outfit

I found this same blouse for sale on Ebay
To buy or not to buy?

Beige is always a staple color

Collarless blouse


December 27, 2012


I celebrated my birthday early again this year since my real birthday lands on my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. For dinner and drinks, my friends and I went to Chinois in Yaletown. Man.... is it pricey!! The food was mediocre and overpriced in my opinion. The only good thing about the place is that it looks very nice inside and there is a lounge called Pierre's attached. I got insanely wasted. Eck. 

This is my birthday dress after it got hemmed. I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this dress! It made me feel like a princess. If you haven't read my earlier post, this dress is by Lipsy and it is a UK size 8 (which fits like an XS). I bought it on Ebay since it was cheaper than the Lipsy website. Came to around $100 with shipping.

If you are in the Vancouver area, I highly recommend getting your clothing altered at Kerrisdale alterations. The lady did an AMAZING job and my dress looked perfect. I asked her to literally take apart my dress because I wanted her to remove this silk empire waist band which I did not like. When she resewed everything, it looked like the dress had originally came like it. Awesome! My alteration costed me $50.

Last year I had a custom birthday cake made for me and so I wanted another one again this year. Only difference was that I had to pay for my own cake this year lol. The bakery that I always go to is called La Ganache in Vancouver. They usually need one month's notice for custom cakes but I literally begged them to do my cake for me with only 3 weeks notice. They are great and their cakes are so delicious. My total for my cake came to $150.

This is the picture of the cake that I showed them I wanted (found this on the internet).

This is the cake that they made me. NOT BAD!

La Ganache Patisserie

Guess where I bought these cuties from?
Forever 21 for only $25! They were on sale for 30% off.

Gel color on both my fingers and toes.

I used a small black vintage Chanel bag that my boyfriend bought for me a few months ago. I don't have a picture of it at the moment but i'll post one later!

[EDIT] here is the bag that I used!


Vest - BB Dakota
Blouse - Paul and Joe Sister
Jeans - Citizens of Humanity Rocket Denim Jeans (BUY HERE)
Boots - Shoedazzle Marcy Boots (BUY HERE)
Bag - Gucci
Watch - Micheal Kors (BUY HERE)

My dog was really angry that we put her in a santa outfit lol

December 20, 2012

I have issues. I was feeling bored today so I thought that I would do a little bit of shopping online for myself. My girlfriend texted me earlier telling me that she blew $400 bucks today on online shopping (we both have shopping problems) and so I couldn't help but want to shop as well. I really should be doing my Christmas shopping instead... ahhhh!!!

Everything is 40% off on the website right now

I had this cardigan in an earlier post but I never bought it because it was sold out. It was finally restocked in my size and so I grabbed it right away. Will look cute with leggings and black motorcycle booties (which I now have an excuse to buy)

This top is so pretty. I'm going to wear it with my high waisted Citizen of Humanity jeans.
Original price: $26 + 40% off

I think that this necklace is pretty cool but I didn't end up buying it. 
$14.00 + 40% off

This is a pretty maxi dress. I was so close to buying it but I resisted :D
$67.00 + 40% off

I don't usually wear much jewelry. Though, for some reason today I decided that I would start lol :S
$18.00 + 40% off

I shipped these items to my gf's PO box in the states so the shipping was free. Free returns as well!

I love this bracelet. It will be a good edition to my new jewelry collection lol. I didn't end up buying it though because I'm still thinking about it!

This bestfriend necklace is so neat! I might buy this for me and my bestfriend in Calgary.

These jeans are on sale!! Aren't they cute? They are stretchy. I don't know what size I am though so I bought both 25 and 26 since there is free returns.
Original: $70.00 On sale: $48.81

I've been searching everywhere for a long-sleeved black blouse that goes longer than the hip area. 
This is a really good layering piece!

December 19, 2012


I've been working since I started my winter break. I'm back at my old restaurant job (which I love and have been at for 4 years) plus I got hired as a care aid for this really nice quadriplegic man. Both of my jobs pay really well and so I finally can go and buy my boyfriend his Christmas gift :D 

I was originally planning to buy him a Louis Vuitton bag or shoes... but when I went into the LV store it seemed like there were NOT enough employees!! I stood at the friggen counter for so long before I gave up and decided to just go over to Gucci instead. It worked out in the end because I instantly saw a bag that I knew would be perfect for my boyfriend! AND.... it was a lot cheaper than any of the LV stuff that I was planning to get. Score :)

I'm so excited to give him his present. I love gift shopping!

December 11, 2012

I've been so busy with school and finals lately that I haven't had time to blog. I've been doing a lot of shopping however like always. 

I've always wanted this jacket but it was sold out in my size on Luckily, I found it on the Ebay UK site!! I bid and bid and I finally won it for $80 including shipping. I chose a size 8 but I've never ordered anything in UK size before. I hope it fits me! I'm pretty sure it will because I've gained so much weight lately :( 

This is the dress (on the left) that I chose to wear for my birthday this year (will be celebrating it on the 22nd). But it's really annoying because it actually comes like the dress on the right and so I'll need to get it altered because I hate the waistband. I ordered it week ago and it STILL HASN'T ARRIVED!! I'm stressin out! With shipping it came to about $100.

Since I've been working so hard at school this term I decided that I would reward myself with a bag. My dad gave me $500 for Christmas/my birthday and I'm totally planning on using it! I don't mind buying second hand bags and so I've been searching around on Ebay. I found a brown Balenciaga bag for a really good price and I was soooooooooo set on getting it. I bid on it and was the top seller... until the last 15 seconds... when no lie... 4 different Ebayers decided to go to war. I couldn't even raise my maximum bid because there was no time left. I didn't end up winning and I was so disappointed.

BUT... I did find some other bags that I like. I think that I want a Louis Vuitton Alma. I found a bunch of the epi leather in green, blue, both dark and light brown, red, and black. I wasn't too sure which color I wanted to get but I narrowed it down to the browns or black. I finally decided that black would be my first choice but if I lose that bid war (which I hope I don't) then I'll go for one of the shades of brown. They are perfect colors for fall outfits.

I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golden brown VS Dark brown 

My Benefit makeup kit came in from 
It works pretty good and I'm quite impressed! 
It comes with 4 different items:

1. Pore refiner: I've never tried a pore refiner before but it's pretty cool. I don't have any "big pores" though so it's just sitting in the box because I have no need for it! :P
2. Foundation: I wrote an entry on this foundation already and I still believe that it's the best one
3. Concealer: You get 2 different shades which is awesome. They provide REALLY good coverage. I use the lighter shade on my face and the darker shade on my body (like my chest) in case I break out
4. Powder: The powder is pretty good as well. I've been using it because I lost my Smashbox one :( 

Overall I would give this kit an 8/10
Pros: The products work really well and it's a pretty easy way to "sample" everything at once. Easy to follow application instructions are included and you can keep the box afterwards too.
Cons: The sizes are small, a little bit pricey, and you can't stick that powder into your purse for on the go lol.

I spent quite a bit of money on this Christmas tree since my boyfriend and I don't have any ornaments. I tried to go with this homesense Christmasy feel. Isn't the mushroom ornament so cute? (near the top)


Here's an outfit that I wore one day when it was really chilly outside. 
Jeans - Bebe 
Belt - Gucci 
Cardigan - Kensie Girl
Blouse - Mossimo by Target
Vest - Sammydress (BUY HERE)
Scarf - Sammydress (BUY HERE)
Bag - Gucci black sukey top handle bag (BUY HERE)
Gucci Sukey Top Handle Bag in Black - Lyst

Okay must get some sleep and finish studying tomorrow! XOXO