December 20, 2012

I have issues. I was feeling bored today so I thought that I would do a little bit of shopping online for myself. My girlfriend texted me earlier telling me that she blew $400 bucks today on online shopping (we both have shopping problems) and so I couldn't help but want to shop as well. I really should be doing my Christmas shopping instead... ahhhh!!!

Everything is 40% off on the website right now

I had this cardigan in an earlier post but I never bought it because it was sold out. It was finally restocked in my size and so I grabbed it right away. Will look cute with leggings and black motorcycle booties (which I now have an excuse to buy)

This top is so pretty. I'm going to wear it with my high waisted Citizen of Humanity jeans.
Original price: $26 + 40% off

I think that this necklace is pretty cool but I didn't end up buying it. 
$14.00 + 40% off

This is a pretty maxi dress. I was so close to buying it but I resisted :D
$67.00 + 40% off

I don't usually wear much jewelry. Though, for some reason today I decided that I would start lol :S
$18.00 + 40% off

I shipped these items to my gf's PO box in the states so the shipping was free. Free returns as well!

I love this bracelet. It will be a good edition to my new jewelry collection lol. I didn't end up buying it though because I'm still thinking about it!

This bestfriend necklace is so neat! I might buy this for me and my bestfriend in Calgary.

These jeans are on sale!! Aren't they cute? They are stretchy. I don't know what size I am though so I bought both 25 and 26 since there is free returns.
Original: $70.00 On sale: $48.81

I've been searching everywhere for a long-sleeved black blouse that goes longer than the hip area. 
This is a really good layering piece!

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