December 19, 2012


I've been working since I started my winter break. I'm back at my old restaurant job (which I love and have been at for 4 years) plus I got hired as a care aid for this really nice quadriplegic man. Both of my jobs pay really well and so I finally can go and buy my boyfriend his Christmas gift :D 

I was originally planning to buy him a Louis Vuitton bag or shoes... but when I went into the LV store it seemed like there were NOT enough employees!! I stood at the friggen counter for so long before I gave up and decided to just go over to Gucci instead. It worked out in the end because I instantly saw a bag that I knew would be perfect for my boyfriend! AND.... it was a lot cheaper than any of the LV stuff that I was planning to get. Score :)

I'm so excited to give him his present. I love gift shopping!

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