February 29, 2012


I'm a little mad at myself because I told myself yesterday that I was going to quit shopping for awhile so that I could pay off my visa. Well that was a lie because when I went on hautelook.com today I ended up buying three bracelets :S They are by this brand called Leila and in total they came to around $117. I think that I saved around $200 something because these were 70% off. I needed a little retail therapy because I was mad at my boyfriend. He told me that he was going to take me to dinner for our anniversary but then he FORGOT!!!!! These bracelets make me feel better lol.

February 27, 2012


I tried to put off buying a winter jacket for so long because it's already February and we technically only have one month of winter left. Yet the past two days have been so cold AND it snowed!! I was dying and on the verge of getting hypothermia so I went on a hunt for a winter jacket. I finally bought the Mackage Joey jacket and it is really warm. I'm a big bargain shopper and I found this jacket in extra small for sale on www.list4all.com for only $380 (it's originally $520 before tax and shipping on the Mackage website). I bargained it down to $370 and my boyfriend grabbed it for me. It was such a good deal... I'm proud of myself lol.

I'm going to Whistler this weekend with my boyfriend so I can wear my new jacket there. My boyfriend is in real estate and he always has these crazy hookups so he got this mansion for the weekend. It has 5 bedrooms plus an indoor pool! I'll take pictures and post it on my blog. I lost my camera charger though :( I'm pretty sure that it's somewhere in my house...

February 26, 2012

I can't post too much because I have a sh*tload of readings to do for tomorrow morning. I'm such a procrastinator ahhhh!! But look at these super cute paintings that I found on www.pbteen.com. I love the chihuahua one because it looks exactly like my dog Enya! I'm thinking about buying it but it's friggen $156 BEFORE tax and shipping. I don't know if I can justify spending that much! The purple bulldog painting is pretty cute too. I decided that I'm going to cover one of my bedroom walls with pictures and artwork and I'm definitely going to have one painting of a chihuahua in there. It has to look like my dog though!

February 22, 2012


I can't get enough of this www.tobi.com website!!
I ended up buying 3 more items:

 1. Catwalk dress in black. Small. $52. 
I'm going to wear this when me and my bf go away for spring break!

2. Peppermint Taylor Lepel Dress. Small. $56.

3. Sole Mio Chiffon Tank. Small. $28

PS: I'm at this bubbletea place trying to do my homework but these two young kids behind me keep flirting with eachother really loudly in public and it's distracting me from my readings *angry face*


I couldn't take it any longer without the rest of my belongings so I sucked it up and finally texted my ex-boyfriend. I said, "Hey when are you free I want to get the rest of my stuff" and then he ended up calling me. It was so awkward on the phone!! He asked me if I was seeing anyone and I told him that I was dating someone now. He said "I hope it's not someone that I know". YIKES.

He told me that I could come over to grab the rest of my stuff and so I did later on. I REALLY did not want to go by myself but it was too last minute to get anyone to go with me. When I got to the apartment my ex-boyfriend immediately started asking me stuff about my new boyfriend like how long we've been together etc. Ugh. Then he gave me back my Tiffany necklace but not my Chanel bag (he gave it to his mom). I don't want this necklace at all so I'm going to try to sell it lol. I quickly packed up all of my stuff and tried to bounce out of there as quick as I could but my ex-boyfriend kept trying to talk to me.

Ex-boyfriend: So do you ever think about me?
Me: No. Not really.
Ex-boyfriend: Not even a little?
Me: I think about you a little but it's when I think about how much I hate you.
Ex-boyfriend: Oh well I think about you a little here and there...
Ex-boyfriend: So... I guess it's too late for us to get back together right...
Me: Ummmm yeah I think so
Ex-boyfriend: Well I want to buy you something for your birthday to show you that I'm sincerely sorry for what I did to you. I'll take you on a shopping spree wherever you want. We can go to Holt Renfrew or LV. I'll buy you a new bag.
Me: No you don't need to. You didn't come to my birthday so it's okay.
Ex-boyfriend: No I want to. As a friend.
Me: Well I'll think about it.
Ex:boyfriend: I bought myself the new Mercedes Coup.
Me: Oh that's cool good for you.
Ex-boyfriend: I get my new car in March so I can come pick you up in it and we can go shopping. Do you want to sit in my new car?
Me: Sure (but really in my head I'm thinking what a douchebag)
Ex-boyfriend: Can I have a hug before you leave
Me: Sure *goes over and gives hug*
Ex-boyfriend: *says into my ear* So... you really don't miss me?
Me. NO.

If you think that was bad you guys should read the text messages that he sent me later on that night lol. I kind of do want to go on a shopping spree and get a new bag but I don't think that my new boyfriend would like that very much :(

February 15, 2012

How was everyone's Valentines Day? My boyfriend got me the prettiest roses and a Michael Kors watch :D Then he took me to the C restaurant and we had the 7 course set menu. It was WAYY too much food!!! We're planning to go to Whistler this weekend too. I can't wait!

My very first watch! lol

One of the dishes at C. It's sablefish

February 14, 2012


Yay there is love in the air! I was actually having a horrible day earlier because I was trying to get flowers delivered to my mom's work but since I'm so last minute everywhere was too busy. I was getting so frustrated that I wanted to smash my phone. Thankfully my wonderful and amazing boyfriend got his friend to deliver flowers to my mom's work for me. I told them to write that it was from her "secret admirer". My mom is so adorable she has no idea who it's from! She's called me twice already giggling because she's trying to figure out who this secret admirer is.

My boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Valentines day. I hate asking for things but I finally gave in. Now I can't make up my mind as to what to get!!! At first I asked for these Burberry rainboots that I wanted. Then my boyfriend said they were "so cheap" and started naming all these other brands. So I changed my mind and asked for a bag. Then he said that he was originally thinking of getting me a Micheal Kors watch (because I told him that I was going to buy myself one a few days ago) or a Tiffany necklace. HMMMM WHAT TO CHOOSE!!!

In the meantime, I've made my boyfriend some chocolate mousse. I'm also planning to drop by the mall in a bit to get him something random. I was thinking of either a shirt, funny pajama pants or boxers. I would get him shoes but he just bought 2 pairs over the weekend. We're going for dinner later at 9:45pm... it's a late reso because my boyfriend made the reservation today! Haha we are both so last minute. Sucks that I have clinical tomorrow morning at 6:45am :(

Some Tiffany stuff that I might choose

I like this Micheal Kors watch

This matches my Gucci bag. I like!

February 13, 2012


I just discovered the BEST shopping website! I was searching for black leather leggings on the internet (yes... I know... I`m supposed to be doing my homework right now...) and I came across this website www.tobi.com. There are sooooooooo many cute clothes on this website and it is DIRT cheap!! I couldn't resist... I ended up buying a few items.

1. Big pocket dolman top $40
2. Fun 2 fun gold chariot dress $46
3. Sole mio one two strap tank top $25

Okay. I am going to do some homework now. For reals this time!


I had a presentation and my immunology midterm today. Both of them went really well except that I didn't start studying for my midterm until 7pm yesterday lol. I've been a huge procrastinator lately but at least I have really good photographic memory. I estimated the number of questions that I got wrong on my exam and I should get around 85%. Not bad for not caring!

In the meantime... I have been doing some shopping again...

I bought these lace pants in black in XS. They were on sale for $75.
SOOOOO CUTE!! I'm going to wear these on top of my bikini when I go boating.

I signed up for an online course in the summer. It was around $635. 
Does this count as shopping? :( 

I finally started buying things for my room. If you remember my post a few months ago I said that I just moved into a new home and was going to do my room all up. WELL... fixing my room has been a slow process but I am getting there! The lamp is from www.pbteen.com  and it was around $100 something.

Me and my boyfriend were at the Nike store because he had a gift card. He grabbed himself a pair of sneakers and he told me to grab some sneakers as well. I said no because I already have a pair that are pretty much brand new (I feel bad spending other people's money) and so I grabbed this shirt instead for working out. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHIRT!! It is so incredibly soft and light that I've ended up wearing it everywhere. I wear it to sleep or to school with leggings and leather boots. It was only $30 too!

February 03, 2012


.... and I have NO IDEA about what to get my boyfriend!!

 Some ideas that I've come up with
 (with the help of some of my girlfriends):

#1. Dress up in some sexy lingerie
I'll have to starve myself before I do this

#2. Take him to get a couple's massage somewhere
The picture above is from the Chi Spa in Vancouver... my fave!
This would be kinda pricey for me

#3. Buy him something to wear
I dunno... I buy him stuff to wear all the time so this would be nothing special

#4. Start making him a lovey dovey scrapbook of memories
I think that he would actually like this because he loves developing pictures

#5. Cook/bake him something
I would make him chocolate mousse because it's easy