February 29, 2012


I'm a little mad at myself because I told myself yesterday that I was going to quit shopping for awhile so that I could pay off my visa. Well that was a lie because when I went on hautelook.com today I ended up buying three bracelets :S They are by this brand called Leila and in total they came to around $117. I think that I saved around $200 something because these were 70% off. I needed a little retail therapy because I was mad at my boyfriend. He told me that he was going to take me to dinner for our anniversary but then he FORGOT!!!!! These bracelets make me feel better lol.


  1. gorgeous! i love that first one!! we all need a little retail therapy every now and then.. and lol @ needing to pay off visa, im in the same situation.. #shopoholicproblems

    1. omg I know... I have been trying to pay off my visa for over a year now... and I somehow ended up with a mastercard... so now I have to pay off both... !!!