February 13, 2012


I had a presentation and my immunology midterm today. Both of them went really well except that I didn't start studying for my midterm until 7pm yesterday lol. I've been a huge procrastinator lately but at least I have really good photographic memory. I estimated the number of questions that I got wrong on my exam and I should get around 85%. Not bad for not caring!

In the meantime... I have been doing some shopping again...

I bought these lace pants in black in XS. They were on sale for $75.
SOOOOO CUTE!! I'm going to wear these on top of my bikini when I go boating.

I signed up for an online course in the summer. It was around $635. 
Does this count as shopping? :( 

I finally started buying things for my room. If you remember my post a few months ago I said that I just moved into a new home and was going to do my room all up. WELL... fixing my room has been a slow process but I am getting there! The lamp is from www.pbteen.com  and it was around $100 something.

Me and my boyfriend were at the Nike store because he had a gift card. He grabbed himself a pair of sneakers and he told me to grab some sneakers as well. I said no because I already have a pair that are pretty much brand new (I feel bad spending other people's money) and so I grabbed this shirt instead for working out. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SHIRT!! It is so incredibly soft and light that I've ended up wearing it everywhere. I wear it to sleep or to school with leggings and leather boots. It was only $30 too!

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