December 19, 2011


Since I was so busy with school I didn't really have time to blog about my early birthday celebration. If you scroll a few posts down... you'll see a post about me stressing over a birthday dress. Well, I didn't even end up wearing any of the dresses that I bought because I wore an old Bebe dress instead!! Funny how things end up!

I bought this dress a few years ago. You can't really tell from this picture but there are sequins all over it!

Funny story about this cake. My xboyfriend actually paid for it before we broke up. Haha sucker. My cake was custom made for me from Ganach Patisserie. The flavor that I chose was chocolate veloute = 70% dark chocolate mousse with dark chocolate creme brullee. YUM!

I had my early birthday dinner at CinCin. I was so scared that my exboyfriend would show up but luckily he didn't! I had such a great time on my birthday and it was fun celebrating being single again!

A few things that I got for my birthday:
These ear muffs are so warm! I wear them all the time.

Shirts from Aritzia. Perfect to wear to school when I want to be comfy!

December 14, 2011

presenting... the world's WORSE bf!!!!

I had my last two finals today!! So some of you are probably wondering what happened between me and my boyfriend (now EX-bf). Let's see.. the both of us usually fight a lot because he acts really immature. So one day he finally said "I'm not happy in this relationship I want a break." I said "Okay I agree with you let's go on a break". Since my xbf was the one who asked to go on a break first, you'd think that he would have been fine with my answer. Nope. Instead he starts RIPPING MY SCHOOL NOTES APART!! He took my textbooks and started throwing them everywhere (and at me) and then he took my binders (which I have kept VERY organized) and started ripping the pages out of them. I was sooooooooo fricken choked. You NEVER mess with my me and my school work!! So I'm trying to gather as many textbooks as I can to bring with me but the crazy psychopath says "NO GET OUT NOW". He grabs me and starts shoving me towards the door so I had to leave them behind. Luckily I pack my backpack every night so I grabbed it as I'm going. Before I can even put my shoes on or get a jacket the asshole threw me out the apartment door. So now I have NO CLOTHES and NONE of my belongings! I had to call my mom and get her to pay for my cab ride home. I have never been so disgusted and disappointed in my life.

My xbf is supposed to be a 32 year old grown man and this is how he handles rejection? I thought about it and he is the most pathetic individual I have ever met. I should have left him a long time ago because there were so many warning signs but I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt. I also thought that I could change him to become a better person but I've realized now that it's never your job to change people. My xbf has so many issues that he needs to deal with. He has anger issues, drinking issues, INSECURITY issues. I remember one time I was practicing my presentation out loud so I closed our computer room door. He got so mad at me because he told me I was being "shady". Can you believe that?

ANYWAYS... I'm in a much better and happier place in my life. I'm actually having a lot of fun now that I'm single! I'm probably not going to date for a long time because I'm a little traumatized and I'll be honest in a manhater mood right now. BUT I promised myself that the next guy I date has to be someone who is educated and mature. There's no point in going to nursing school and studying to get high marks when your boyfriend is as dumb as a rock. His stupidity will end up killing your own brain cells. True story!

December 07, 2011

hello blog, it's been a long time!

OH MY, I haven't blogged in over a week! So much has happened since my last post. Let's see... I am officially single and free again. I broke up with my boyfriend because he has so many issues that he is a pathetic excuse for a 32 year old grown man. Breaking up with him is probably one of the smartest choices I have made in a long time :)

So since we broke up I had to move back in with my family, which I actually don't mind at all! I get to have my own room again and I get to decorate it as girly as I want!! My family just bought a new house so it was perfect timing for me to move back home. The walls of my room are already painted the way that I wanted them. My walls are a light beige color while my ceiling is a dark purple. It is exactly the same color scheme as this room idea from Ikea (which I am now going to copy) so I think that it was meant to be!! My hardwood floor color is the same shade as well!

Both of my parents are really happy that I'm moving back home. My mom has offered to pay off my visa card for me (because I don't work while I'm in school and was depending on my x-bf for financial support) and my dad has even helped me harass my x-bf to get the rest of my stuff back LOL. My parents said that they would go to Ikea with me to buy new stuff for my room so I've already made a list of things that I want to get. When my new room is finished I'll post a picture on my blog. I need to focus on studying for my finals because I really really want to get high 80-90 %.  

November 27, 2011

I should be studying but I'm shopping online

Right now I have this brown faux fur vest that I always wear. It's the Janika vest by BB Dakota and it's my favorite!! I really want a black faux fur vest too and so I went searching online during my "homework breaks". I finally found one on ebay that I liked and it was such a good deal!

I bid on the vest but I haven't paid for it yet because I can't remember my mom's new house address

This is some random chick I found on I saved her picture because I really like the outfit that she put together with her fur vest. I think she has a black long-sleeved dress underneath and she's paired it with a black belt and chanel bag.

This is another vest that I found on ebay. I don't usually go for this type of style but I think it looks really good on Kate Moss in the picture on the left. I would wear it the same way with leggings boots and a turtle neck!

November 21, 2011

Birthday dress s-t-r-e-s-s

I'm supposed to be studying right now but i'm stressing out about what to wear to my birthday. I'm celebrating my birthday really early this year on December 3rd because I'm going to be busy with finals, going away to Whistler, Christmas and NYE. My real birthday is on December 29 and I absolutely have no time to celebrate it any other day!! So now I have a lil over a week to find a birthday dress. It's difficult because i'm such a picky and indecisive person argh! Some ideas that I have in mind:

I already ordered this dress from Asos. 
It was around $83 but i'm not sure if I want to wear it anymore 

This Bebe dress is sold out in stores and online so I had to search for it on ebay.
The only XS is $290 + $30 shipping = $320

This girl is selling her Sky dress online. It's $110

I'm so flustered that I'm planning to go to a few stores that sell dresses so that I can see what other options I have. I'm running out of time ahhh!!

November 19, 2011

Snowing in November

I think that I must have a really low body temperature because I am always freezing. Even when I wear my warmest jacket from Mackage I am still cold!! I really need to go get my thyroid checked because sometimes I think that I have hypothyroidism. But then again I have this habit of diagnosing myself with conditions that I learn about in school LOL. When I learnt about generalized anxiety disorder I was so sure that I had it. Then when I learnt about lymphoma I went to my pathophysiology teacher and told him that I had it on my arms. My teacher told me to stop diagnosing myself!

Anyways since it snowed a couple of days ago I realized that I needed to buy myself a new, warm and casual winter jacket. I actually don't own a casual winter jacket because my Mackage ones are all formal. I wouldn't want to wear them to school because I hate dressing up for school. So I think that buying a new winter jacket is a justifiable decision lol.

This is my warmest jacket. It's Magda by Mackage. I love it because it has fleece in the inside of the pockets to keep your hands warm. It also has rabbit fur on the collar and in the inside front of the jacket so you are super cozy.

Jackets that I'm thinking about buying:
This is the Joey by Mackage. It's $520 online and I think that it's my first choice because it's looks casual yet still stylish. Plus from experience I know that Mackage jackets are really warm and they are good quality.

 This is from Aritzia and it's around $315. It's definitely a lot cheaper but I'm not sure how warm it is. I would be willing to pay more money for a jacket that keeps me warmer. I'll still go and try this on at the store!

This is a jacket by ADD and it's $560 online. I'm not sure if I really like this style because it reminds me of the jacket that I already own. ADD jackets are also very thin and even though they say that they are really warm I don't know if I believe them. You can buy ADD jackets in only two places in Vancouver: Holt Renfrew and Blue Bird

This is the Chilliwack Bomber by Canada Goose in graphite. I have always wanted a Canada Goose jacket even though they aren't very stylish because they are SUPER WARM! There are days when I honestly don't care about what I look like just as long as I'm warm. I only know of one place in Vancouver that sells Canada Goose and it's Hart and Sole. This jacket is around $400 (I think). I'm torn between this jacket and the Mackage Joey.

November 18, 2011

best anniversary ever!

So my boyfriend surprised me and took me to Joe Fortes... because I always tell him how it's one of my favorite restaurants. Our reservation was for the patio and it was super romantic. My boyfriend ordered the special which was 3 different types of fish and I had lamb shank. I absolutely love lamb! I was so anxious because I couldn't wait to get my anniversary gift. At first I thought that it was the LV alma... and then I thought that it was a watch... but it turned out to be a Tiffany necklace! It was a very meaningful gift because it was a gold necklace with two interlocked rings. My boyfriend told me that the rings represented me and him. My heart seriously melted...

My boyfriend's dinner: 3 different types of fish

My dinner: Lamb shank (yummmmmm!!)

My surprise :D I wonder what it is?

Interlocking circles pendant in 18K gold! 

I love love love love love my present 

They didn't have the all 18K gold necklace on the Tiffany website
but here is the sterling silver/18K gold one


I was able to sneak to Gucci to exchange the messenger bag that I got for my boyfriend for the shoes. I had to lie to my boyfriend and tell him that I was done work at the hospital at 1:30pm... when I was actually off at 12:30pm! It was so difficult because I had to cab to Gucci and cab back since I didn't drive. I couldn't wait to give the present to my boyfriend!! I finally gave it to him and he was so surprised :D He had no idea! SUCCESS! Now I can't wait to get my own anniversary present tonight. I don't think it's an LV alma anymore... I have a feeling that it's a watch but we'll see!

The Gucci shoes that I got my boyfriend. Stenly from the Gucci store is so helpful!

November 16, 2011

SOO annoyed!! >.<"

So I decided to buy my boyfriend's surprise anniversary gift today. I went to Gucci and they didn't have the black credit card pouch so I ended up deciding between Gucci runners or a black messenger bag to match his wallet. I ended up buying the messenger bag because I couldn't remember his shoe size!

I was really excited to get him the bag. It was going to be huge surprise because he had no idea that I went to Gucci (I lied and said that I was in the library doing homework). I originally went to LV before Gucci and I looked at the bags that they had but they were WAYYYYYYY out of my budget. This one bag that I wanted to get him was $1040 before tax... and I only had a $1000 limit :( I thought that this Gucci bag would do....

The LV bag that I originally wanted to get my boyfriend

Then my boyfriend totally ruined my day. Out of nowhere on our way home from dinner... he tells me that he's thinking about buying himself the new Citaden LV bag. THATS THE BAG I WANTED TO BUY HIM BUT I HAVE NO FRICKEN MONEY!! Now I don't even want to give him the Gucci bag because it's nowhere as nice as the LV one. I think that I'm going to end up exchanging it for the shoes before our anniversary dinner. It's going to be tricky though because I'm going to have to think of another lie so that he doesn't find out. Maybe I'll suffer and try to find some money to get him that stupid LV bag (I doubt I will). SIGH it sucks being a poor student.

November 15, 2011


So my boyfriend's mom finally came back from her Asia trip... and she brought back with her my birthday gift :D  My boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday so I asked for the Chanel shopping tote GST in beige. We went to the Chanel store in Holt Renfrew to check it out but they were sold out in beige. The total for the bag with tax is around $2900.

Then we thought about it and said, why don't we just get it in Hong Kong?? It's so much cheaper there!! My boyfriend's mom was going to Hong Kong so it was perfect timing and we asked her to grab it. However, everywhere in Hong Kong was sold out of the bag in beige and so I ended up getting it in black. The bag was about $500 cheaper in Hong Kong because apparently their ship port is tax free. I love my bag!! Too bad I couldn't get it in beige because I have so much black. Oh and sorry for the shitty pic quality... I lost my camera in a drunken rage last week.
On another note, I also ended up taking a picture of this fake LV bag that some bitch sold to me when I was younger. I think I was 17 years old at the time. I was working hard and saving up to buy myself an LV bag. I made the mistake though of buying it off of someone on craigslist. I should have known that $700 for a Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM was too good to be true!! Anyways, I met up with the girl who looked like some young and skinny Asian chick and she was so sneaky. She gave me the fake bag along with a real LV receipt, garment bag and shopping bag. I didn't find out that the bag was fake until later on and I was sooooooooo devastated!! If I ever see that bitch again i'll slap her in the face with my Chanel. ANYWAYS... I took a picture of the bag because I figured that I would just give it to my lil cousin. 


November 09, 2011

5 weeks of school left: will I survive?

THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. At the beginning of the school term I always have so much motivation to excel and get high marks. I am a true nerd and practically breathe, eat and dream homework. Then... as the school term comes closer to the end... my mind slowly begins to drift back into lala land. Instead of doing homework, I sit at my laptop and daydream about all the things that I could have bought if I still had a job. Yup, that's right. I HAD a job. Which I had to quit because I discovered that working while taking 6 classes was pretty suicidal!! I haven't been unemployed since I was 16 years old and it's a horrible feeling. Not having any money to buy food or go shopping. It breaks my heart into a million pieces!

So that's pretty much the story of my life. A broke student living off of canned spam and McDonalds for the next 2 years. Okay fine I'm exaggerating :) I am broke but I'm also blessed to have a boyfriend who wants to see me do well in school. He's a great guy who has seen how much work I put into my studies and is willing to help support me in the mean time. I also did promise him that I would become his sugar momma once I become a nurse and make $30+ an hour!

In the end I guess my life isn't that bad right now. A supportive boyfriend + no work = more time to relax and focus on school. Right? Yet... I can't help but feel incredibly guilty that I can't buy my boyfriend things. Ever since we started dating I have only bought him one thing. A playbook for his birthday which was not easy to get. I had to combine all of my lunch money and government checks to pay for it (e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-i-n-g). Our anniversary is coming up next week and I'm stressing out because I have nothing to give him. This is what I really want to buy him:

I think that this coin purse would be perfect for him because it matches his wallet. Plus the Louis Vuitton coin purse that he's using right now is breaking! I'm sure that I can figure out a way to gather $200+ for this :S

My boyfriend is the worse at surprises. He will tell me that he has a surprise for me LOL. So I know that he already got me something for an anniversary present. I just don't know what yet! He kinddddddddd of told me how much it was so I think I know what it is. If my gut feeling is right then I think that he got me the Louis Vuitton Alma that I wanted. He said that he spent around $2500 on it and the other day in our apartment I saw a Louis Vuitton receipt (I tried very hard not to open it). I'm so excited!! :D My boyfriend saw a chick with the Alma during the summer and he said he really liked it. He said it looked good in dark red but my boyfriend is color blind so he might have ended up buying me the amarante color haha.