December 19, 2011


Since I was so busy with school I didn't really have time to blog about my early birthday celebration. If you scroll a few posts down... you'll see a post about me stressing over a birthday dress. Well, I didn't even end up wearing any of the dresses that I bought because I wore an old Bebe dress instead!! Funny how things end up!

I bought this dress a few years ago. You can't really tell from this picture but there are sequins all over it!

Funny story about this cake. My xboyfriend actually paid for it before we broke up. Haha sucker. My cake was custom made for me from Ganach Patisserie. The flavor that I chose was chocolate veloute = 70% dark chocolate mousse with dark chocolate creme brullee. YUM!

I had my early birthday dinner at CinCin. I was so scared that my exboyfriend would show up but luckily he didn't! I had such a great time on my birthday and it was fun celebrating being single again!

A few things that I got for my birthday:
These ear muffs are so warm! I wear them all the time.

Shirts from Aritzia. Perfect to wear to school when I want to be comfy!


  1. beautiful cake =) im glad you had a great bday without any unpleasant surprpises

  2. glad you had an awesome birthday! And that cake looks and sounds amazingly delicious

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