January 03, 2012


WOW! I didn't realize that I haven't blogged in so long. I thought that I would have had more time to since I am currently on winter break from school right now but... I can definitely say that so much has happened in the past 2 weeks! For starters... I met one of the most amazing guys ever and am head over heels for him. I know that I have only been single for a month but everything about this guy is perfect. If you were to take me... and turn me into a male version... that would be him! We are 100% alike and even have the same favorite things. We both hate cherries but had cherry trees in our backyards growing up... our favorite sub from Duffin's Donuts is barbecue chicken... we both have the same kind of nightmares where we see dark figures (I'll blog about this later)... we are both the non-jealous type and love to joke around with our friends... I could go on forever but I might make some of you puke with my gushyness. I knew this guy from before through friends but never really got to know him until a week ago. We hung out for a day and I have been hanging out with him ever since. On the day of my real birthday (December 29th) I didn't really feel like doing anything. I was sitting on the couch playing angry birds with him when we both decided to spontaneously head out to a club to celebrate. We ended up ordering a bottle of Crown (my favorite) and getting a VIP table for just the two of us. Even though it was just us two I had so much fun dancing around!! Then at the end of the night when we were both drunk he looked me into the eyes and told me that I was perfect. He said that he wanted me to be his girlfriend and I said yes :D A lot of our friends think that we are crazy but the both of us are both crazy people in general. I have never been happier.

My ex-boyfriend on the other hand is still trying to harass me. He stopped sending me rude text messages but is now bothering my friends non-stop, asking about me and wondering what I'm doing. He still has a few of my belongings but I don't even care about them anymore. This guy is seriously insane and needs to go get help for his personal issues. He told my girlfriend the other day that he thinks that he shouldn't have thrown me out of the apartment in the middle of the night and ripped my school notes apart. WOW, NO SH*T YOU IDIOT?!

On a more educational note: I finally received my final marks for school. I am so pleased with all of them! I strongly believe that hard work pays off and anyone is capable of achieving any mark as long as they put in the effort. Yes, some people are "naturally" intelligent and find it easier to understand certain things and I am super jealous of this gift! BUT... that doesn't mean that the rest of us can't get the same mark as them. You just need to spend more time studying which I am perfectly fine with :)


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