January 14, 2012

what I've wasted I MEAN SPENT my $$$ on

So over the winter break up until now I've done quite a bit of shopping. Shopping that I definitely shouldn't have done since I am a broke and starving student. I couldn't help it though!

It was my boyfriend's birthday on January 4th so I bought him this shirt from BoysCo. I thought that this shirt was hilarious! It might be too small to see but "dirty man" is saying "your undies are mine!". 

 Every boxing day I usually am up early and at the mall by 8am because I'm one of those "keener shoppers". However, this year I ended up sleeping through boxing day because I was up the night before partying with my boyfriend!! I woke up at 6pm lol. I wasn't too upset though because Aritzia carries on their sales after the 26th and so I was still able to pick up some really good deals. The 4 items above came to about $132 which is REALLY GOOD! 

The two blouses were $40 & $30. I would wear them with leggings and heels or boots. I would also wear them with the belt that I bought which was on sale for $30. The last top I figured would be good for school and it was $30. I would wear it with leggings, flat boots and a scarf to keep warm.

So I went on an online shoe shopping spree. I always buy shoes from this website www.shoedazzle.com. Their shoes are always $40 plus $10 for shipping. I have ordered so many shoes from that website and I have no complaints! The only thing is, once you order your first pair of shoes they will try to automatically charge you credit each month for a pair of shoes. If you aren't planning on buying anything you need to make sure you click on the option "skip the month" or your credit card will be charged. 

I am also a member of the website www.beyondtherack.com. This site always emails you awesome shopping deals! I just recently ordered a beach bunny bikini through the website because they were on sale for dirt cheap. I ordered the bandeau top on the left and the bottoms on the right. Originally, this bikini set would have cost me around $350 but on beyondtherack.com they were on sale for $60. I HAD to buy it!! I prefer bandeau tops because when you tan you won't have as many tanning lines. The only problem is it makes me look really flat *sigh* 

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