January 22, 2012


I am hating school so much right now that I can't stop thinking about summer break!! I've decided to start prepping for my awesome summer early. Here's what I've done so far:

1. I've been going back to working out with my trainer. I've been at the gym almost every day! It's not that I want to lose weight... I want to gain some lean muscle. I need to get back to eating healthy and boost up my energy level. My trainer has put me on a strict protein, veggie and beans diet. It's so hard not giving in to junk food, booze and sugar :( PS: my boyfriend is super excited that I've been eating beans everyday lol

2. I'm getting a head start on updating my summer wardrobe! I just bought the "keepsake lost without you" dress in the mustard color size 2. I was planning to buy this dress from www.singer22.com but they only had the light pink color in stock. Light shades of pink make me look so washed out! So I googled the dress and checked out a bunch of websites. I finally found the dress in mustard on Ebay for $158 (including shipping). I can't wait to wear it! This dress is going to look so cute with beige heels and a nice tan!

3. I'm working on getting all of my laser hair removal done. I bought a voucher from Teambuy a few months ago for unlimited laser hair removal at Laserium downtown. It was around $325 which is cheap for laser hair removal! However, there is a stupid hidden catch. At Laserium, they only allow you to come in for an appointment every 8 weeks between appointments when you are NORMALLY allowed to have laser hair removal done every 4 weeks. PISS ME OFF!

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