January 26, 2012


My mom's room is seriously full of junk and most of it has never been used. It gets so annoying because our whole house becomes cluttered. HOWEVER, I have decided to benefit from my mom's hoarding problem and so every time I feel like doing a little "in home shopping" I walk into her room and snoop through her stuff LOL. For example, the past couple of days I've been meaning to go buy some new hand cream but since i'm so broke I've decided to just grab a few things from my mom's room. Here is what I ended up grabbing:

1. l'Occitane dry skin hand cream with 20% shea
2. Bath and Body works lavendar vanilla sleep body lotion
3. A hello kitty USB stick for school
4. Rimmel gentle eye makeup remove to leave at my boyfriend's house
5. Bonnebell black eyeliner

 I also picked up this cute shawl! I'm going to wear it with my black leather jacket and those green-ish booties that I bought from shoedazzle.com (see previous post below)

 This is a little random but I came home one day and these books were in my room. My mom has decided to get me "help" books. "Girls gone wise in a world gone wild"?? I think my mom is trying to hint something at me.

PS: I've done more shopping online and grabbed these items

Click on the image above to read the reviews about Idol Lash!!

PPS: My crazy exboyfriend still texts me here and there (I never reply). The most recent text was a few days ago and he basically offered to buy me anything that I wanted to make up for the bullsh*t that he put me through. He also said that he bought me a birthday gift to be "sincere". What a loser!


  1. hahahha I should meet your mom. she sounds hilarious

  2. I do but I dont like it. Its just a big box with no dividers except for one side to hold brushes and the rest of my make up is all over the place =.="