September 29, 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. My boyfriend and I broke up this week (which I'm perfectly fine about because I am much happier single) so I've been out and about hanging with my friends. Here are some outfits that I wore this week:

Wore this to the movies with my family

Hat - Lacoste
Vest - BB Dakota (BUY SIMILAR)
Plaid blouse - Aritzia (BUY HERE)
Jeans - Avedon Slick (BUY HERE)
Bag - Gucci (BUY HERE)
Riding boots (not shown) - Shoedazzle

 Another outfit I wore to dinner with a friend the other day

Jacket - Mackage (BUY HERE)
Scarf - Burberry (BUY HERE)
Leggings - American Apparel (BUY HERE)
Bag - Gucci (BUY HERE)
Watch - Michael Kors (BUY HERE)
Shoes (not shown) - Shoedazzle 

So... I broke my Michael Kors watch this night and was upset about it. So my friend told me he would buy me a new watch. I wonder which one I should get buhahaha. 

I also broke my Iphone 4s the other day at work. I had my phone in my pocket and was bending over to change a bed pan... when my phone fell out of my pocket and smacked onto the hard ground. At least my phone didn't fall into a bucket of pee BUT it doesn't work anymore. I had to rush to the mall after work before it closed to get a new phone asap. I'm so lucky because I literally bought the last Iphone 5S in the entire mall. I wanted white but they only had black in either a 16gb or 64gb. I chose the 16gb and after using some fido dollars and renewing my contract it only came to $178 CDN! So cheap! 

My new Iphone 5s in Black 

I've been shopping for cute Iphone cases online. The Kate Spade one I bought from the Apple store cause I wanted a case right away but I found some more cute ones on Ebay and Shopstyle

Bought this in the dark pink 

September 17, 2013

Short trip to the states

I drove a few hours to the states to pick up some packages at the post office and walk around the mall with my sister. I finally didn't get pulled into customs today LOL! My sister was so scared that she was gonna get blacklisted for being "associated" with me, cause you know I'm such a criminal for thinking that I could bring 6 diet pills across the border in my bag. ANYWAYS... I'm pretty happy with the items that I picked up at the post office! Only three things that I ordered a few weeks ago.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Nappa Mouse flats

I ordered these online because my Sam Edelman flats (the only flats that I own) broke!! I found these Marc Jacob ones on Ebay for only $100 CDN. They are pre-owned but have only been worn twice. They are in pretty much brand new condition and 100% authentic. Aren't they cute! I love bargain shopping. 

Brian Lichtenberg Homies Tee

I ordered this months ago but only got it now because it was backordered! It is from I actually follow their blog on Blogger so I read about all of the items that go on sale right away lol. I got this shirt on sale for 15 or 25% off (been too long so I can't remember)

Herve Leger looking dress from Ebay

OKAY... I am not a fan of buying "fakes" but spending $1000 on a dress that I will probably only wear once is not something that I can do right now. I will probably indulge in a real Herve Leger dress once I have a full time job, but for now I will have to resort to the lookalikes! This dress I found on Ebay for only $70 CDN. The material is thick and very form fitting. It is also really great quality! I'm wearing a small in the picture and I can barely breathe lol. The style of the dress is also very similar to a Herve Leger dress with a few minor differences, such as the bottom hemline. I will be wearing this to a wedding on Saturday.

After the post office, my sister and I drove a short distance to the mall in Bellingham to look around. My sister didn't end up buying anything but I bought 3 things from Forever 21 and perfume on sale from Target (I'm a shopaholic go figure).

I can't find the link to this jacket on the Forever21 website, but it's army green with pleather sleeves and details. Cost me only $50 USD. Will look so cute with leggings and rain boots! The only problem is that there is no hood, but it comes with a cute collar that can be folded up (see pic on the right)

Romantic Lace Skater Dress

I love this dress! I think it would be so cute with a Hermes Belt around the waist (guess I'll have to go buy myself one now hehe) and heels. I don't know when I'll be wearing this dress but it's always good to have something in case.

Life in Progress Overalls

I'm going to both the Drake and Kanye West/Kendrick Lamar concerts so I've been trying to think of outfits to wear. I bought these jean overalls and I'm thinking of wearing them with sneaker wedges, a cropped beater, and a hat. But who knows! It's not really my style lol 

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

The last thing that I purchased today! I owned this perfume years ago and absolutely loved it. I was so sad when I finished the bottle but never got around to buying another one. I found this one at Target today for 15% off so it came to $60 USD with tax, which isn't too bad! I usually buy all of my perfume from Sephora but I'm starting to think that it's a ripoff. For example, I bought the new Jimmy Choo perfume from Sephora for around $80 CDN. Yet I have already found the exact same perfume on sale at Winners, TJ Maxx, and Ross!! FML! 

September 15, 2013

How do you display your bags?

I reorganized my room today (for the millionth time) and I made some space to display my bags. I just don't know how I should do it! I was thinking of either putting them on a book shelf or installing individual shelves into the wall. 

These are all from Ikea. I could probably fit one of these into the space in between my dresser and wall! I know that a lot of girls store their bags on bookshelves.

OR... I could install a bunch of these Ikea lack shelves into the wall. What to do??

Here are some of the pictures that I have saved on my Pinterest. 
Definitely some great ideas for bag organization!! 

I need help

Sorry for the lack of posts as I've been so busy working at the hospital :( But... I am here on my blog to say that I need help. BADLY! I am finally getting paid in 2 weeks... and I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT BAGS!!! I really need to pay off my stupid credit cards so that I can be a responsible person. But seriously, I want to buy another bag. I think I'm going to do it. Can I justify it by giving myself a really early Christmas gift? 

September 06, 2013

Xmas Wishlist 2013

Only 3.5 more months until Christmas and my birthday!! So many goodies that I want this year lol. I already told my boyfriend that I wanted a YSL or Prada bag. Maybe I'll get both if Santa thinks I've been good? :D

I already have the Louis Vuitton shawl in a beige/green color but I barely wear it. I love the denim one because it's such a nice blue color.

My sister uses the Clarisonic and she highly recommended it to me. She claims that her skin is much softer so I really want to try the cleansing system out since I have dry skin. The Plus has speed settings for both your face and body.

My Iphone 4S has completely started to break down on me. The battery dies within a few hours and the power button doesn't seem to work anymore. A new phone this year would help a lot!

Lastly, I have been wanting a Tiffany & Co bracelet for a long time now. If I get one, I promise I will wear it everyday Santa! xoxo

September 05, 2013

Random Pics

Another week has passed of working at the hospital! I honestly haven't had time to do ANY shopping at all - including online shopping! I guess that's a good thing?? Anyways, here are some random pics.

I bought new nursing shoes! The Nike Pegasus 3.0... comfiest shoes I have EVER worn. I would even wear these outside of nursing... they're that comfy! The bottom sole is completely cushioned.... It feels like I'm walking on foam. These are also really good for your back and posture! None of the sport stores in Vancouver had these in grey/black so I ordered these ones online for about $100 CDN. Neon shoes are great but I'm getting sick of that fad plus I like my nursing outfits to match and black matches with everything lol. 

Hermes clic clac - Michael Kors watch - Forever21 ring - Pandora charm bracelet

Got my toes done today!! Shellac gel color in a dark maroon. Wearing my Rag and Bone boyfriend jeans (special Aritzia edition) and Alexander Wang Rocco

I really want a Burberry poncho/cape. So cute and so warm!

Here's a unique "OOTD"...  red nursing scrubs LOL