September 29, 2013


Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. My boyfriend and I broke up this week (which I'm perfectly fine about because I am much happier single) so I've been out and about hanging with my friends. Here are some outfits that I wore this week:

Wore this to the movies with my family

Hat - Lacoste
Vest - BB Dakota (BUY SIMILAR)
Plaid blouse - Aritzia (BUY HERE)
Jeans - Avedon Slick (BUY HERE)
Bag - Gucci (BUY HERE)
Riding boots (not shown) - Shoedazzle

 Another outfit I wore to dinner with a friend the other day

Jacket - Mackage (BUY HERE)
Scarf - Burberry (BUY HERE)
Leggings - American Apparel (BUY HERE)
Bag - Gucci (BUY HERE)
Watch - Michael Kors (BUY HERE)
Shoes (not shown) - Shoedazzle 

So... I broke my Michael Kors watch this night and was upset about it. So my friend told me he would buy me a new watch. I wonder which one I should get buhahaha. 

I also broke my Iphone 4s the other day at work. I had my phone in my pocket and was bending over to change a bed pan... when my phone fell out of my pocket and smacked onto the hard ground. At least my phone didn't fall into a bucket of pee BUT it doesn't work anymore. I had to rush to the mall after work before it closed to get a new phone asap. I'm so lucky because I literally bought the last Iphone 5S in the entire mall. I wanted white but they only had black in either a 16gb or 64gb. I chose the 16gb and after using some fido dollars and renewing my contract it only came to $178 CDN! So cheap! 

My new Iphone 5s in Black 

I've been shopping for cute Iphone cases online. The Kate Spade one I bought from the Apple store cause I wanted a case right away but I found some more cute ones on Ebay and Shopstyle

Bought this in the dark pink 


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