September 06, 2013

Xmas Wishlist 2013

Only 3.5 more months until Christmas and my birthday!! So many goodies that I want this year lol. I already told my boyfriend that I wanted a YSL or Prada bag. Maybe I'll get both if Santa thinks I've been good? :D

I already have the Louis Vuitton shawl in a beige/green color but I barely wear it. I love the denim one because it's such a nice blue color.

My sister uses the Clarisonic and she highly recommended it to me. She claims that her skin is much softer so I really want to try the cleansing system out since I have dry skin. The Plus has speed settings for both your face and body.

My Iphone 4S has completely started to break down on me. The battery dies within a few hours and the power button doesn't seem to work anymore. A new phone this year would help a lot!

Lastly, I have been wanting a Tiffany & Co bracelet for a long time now. If I get one, I promise I will wear it everyday Santa! xoxo