September 15, 2013

How do you display your bags?

I reorganized my room today (for the millionth time) and I made some space to display my bags. I just don't know how I should do it! I was thinking of either putting them on a book shelf or installing individual shelves into the wall. 

These are all from Ikea. I could probably fit one of these into the space in between my dresser and wall! I know that a lot of girls store their bags on bookshelves.

OR... I could install a bunch of these Ikea lack shelves into the wall. What to do??

Here are some of the pictures that I have saved on my Pinterest. 
Definitely some great ideas for bag organization!! 


  1. I display mine in a glass book shelves, very elegant and gives it a chic look.

    white book shelves with
    glass doors

    I love it! It's my designer closet full of handbags, shoes and sunglasses

    1. OMG I love that idea!!! Unfortunately the space in front of my bed is very limited so I'm not sure I'll be able to open the glass door. BUT I could move my dressers around so that the book shelf/glass door is facing open space as opposed to my bed. Thanks so much for the idea!! :D

    2. Your welcome! Do take a picture when its all done. Happy renos! =)