May 30, 2013


Hey everyone <3

I went away for a few days to Gambier Island. I volunteer at a shelter downtown and every summer they send groups of people from the downtown eastside to camp! I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to help out with their family outing which was an amazing experience!! I have never met so many adorable kids. I wanted to take them home with me :( 

It's funny because I actually despise camping with a passion. I'm what you would consider a very wussy girly-girl who would rather be inside a shopping mall than in a forest. However, I didn't want to embarrass myself on this trip so I sucked it up and in the end, it wasn't that bad lol. Each time that we went on a hike through the bushes, I literally held my breath. Each time that a little kid brought me a huge banana slug and asked me to pet it, I smiled and pretended that it was a toy. Each time that it poured rain on my head (it rained 95% of the time that we were there and I didn't have any rainboots or a raincoat), I smiled and was thankful that it wasn't snow!!

We had to take a sea taxi from Horseshoe Bay to Gambier Island. 
It only took about 15 minutes.

You can sleep in these overnight in a sleeping bag but thank God we didn't lol.

Such a cloudy and ugly day! 

One of the many banana slugs that we saw *yeck*

Pretty scenery <3 

Almost died when this kid brought me two snails

Even worse... a huge ass beetle :S

This cutie slipped on a log and hurt her hand so we did a little First Aid

When I came back to my bunk bed at night I found this adorable note!!

This girl decided that we should look a banana slug's mouth....

First time doing archery and not too shabby at it!

Trekking through the forest

Overalll, I'm glad that I came along for the trip because I had an amazing time. Being able to help families who would not normally be able to afford camp made me feel really good inside. I even got offered a job by the manager at the camp because he said they were looking for a first aid nurse AND a server for weddings! I am definitely thinking about it!

Funny enough, I am actually leaving to go camping again in a few days but this time it'll be for work. I work part-time as a care aid and my boss owns a cabin way way up north. I'm talking about in the middle of nowhere. Way less civilized than Gambier Island!! I don't know how I'm going to survive without a real shower (my boss told me I could shower in the lake, good grief), cellphone reception, and internet (I'll have to drive to the nearest town to use the internet for school which is about 1 hour away). Not to mention the colonies of mosquitoes (which I'm allergic to), bears, skunks, rats, pack rats (f*cking gross!!), wolves, etc. The only reason that I agreed to go up North with my boss is because I'll be getting paid really good. We are going away for approximately 7 days and my boss is hiring some people to work on his cabin since he can't do it on his own. Ahh... at least I'll be getting paid. I plan on surprising my boyfriend with a Louis Vuitton wallet (which is about $800) and a pretty mirror for my own room. 

I won't be making the same mistake again and this time, I'll be weather prepared. I bought myself a hot pink rain jacket today by K-Way. It's thin, 100% waterproof, and very durable! Plus it's bright so if I get lost in the forest my boss and the others better find me lol.

K-Way Rain Coat
Mine came to $50 CAD with tax

I also need to find a pair of waterproof shoes. I was thinking of hiking boots but they are really expensive, so I will probably end up getting rainboots. I'm not too keen on bringing my Gucci rainboots to the middle of nowhere so I'm trying to look for a cheaper pair. I found these Timberlands at Sportchek on sale for $60. If I don't see anything at Walmart (my boyfriend insists that I go there) then I may grab these.

Okay well I have to do 2 weeks of homework now as I won't have much internet access while I'm gone :( 

May 25, 2013

Hermes Clic Clac

I can't wait for my bracelet to come in the mail! I decided that my first clic clac would be silver with white enamel since this would match most of my outfits. For my second clic clac, I want the wider bracelet in silver with black enamel. Then I can layer the 2 together ;) At first, I couldn't decide on what size to get. I had gone to the store to try the PM and GM on and they both fit me fine! I ended up going with the PM so hopefully my wrists don't get fat over the summer lol.

For fashion ideas, I've been googling Hermes bracelets and have come across so many cool color combos. One of my faves is layering a blue clic clac with an orange one. I also like putting pastel colors together for a more summery feel. What do you guys think?

May 24, 2013


Okay I lied because I haven't been trying that hard to save my money. I have been wanting a Hermes Clic Clac for a really long time so I finally gave in and ordered one in white. I can't wait for it to arrive!! I also by chance walked into a massive sale at Holt Renfrew today and found a pair of pink Gucci shoes on sale for only $239 CAD. My boyfriend actually picked them out for me and I am really liking his taste! Retail therapy is the best <3

Trying to decide which ones I like better: sandals or runners?? 

I ended up buying the runners! :D My feet are so happy right now 
I don't know why but these shoes are still regular price on the Gucci website

My boyfriend bought himself this Gucci sweater. Was on sale for around $500 CAD

I saw this in the men's Burberry section and had to take a picture. 
This reminds me of the movie "Night at the Roxbury" haha.