May 21, 2013

Chanel Esapdrille Obsession

I haven't been very good with my money lately lol. I've been going out more at night with my girlfriends because it's summer break and since I'm not very good with doing my own makeup, I've been going to MAC to have it done by my makeup artist Jen. She's the best ever <3 The good thing about getting your makeup done at MAC is that it's $50 CAD but you get to use the $50 to purchase products. The bad thing is that I always end up buying everything that is used on me which comes to a total of about $150-200 CAD each time that I get my makeup done lol!! At least my makeup collection at home is growing? I adore MAC makeup I don't think I'll ever like another makeup brand as much! 

Anyways... I've been wanting Chanel espadrilles for a long time and was planning on grabbing a pair but I'm trying to save up more money again. I actually started a savings account and have a bunch of money in there right now but I'm trying to save it for something big that I'm purchasing next year :D However, I am going away for a week up north for my care aid job because my boss wants to work on his cabin. It'll be a 24 hour work assignment so I'll be getting paid pretty good and I'll be able to buy my Chanel shoes!! It pisses me off though because according to the sales associate at Nordstrom, everywhere in North America is sold out of the Chanel espadrilles. You can only find them on Ebay but the prices have been jacked up like crazy!! These shoes are only supposed to cost around $400 but on Ebay they are going for $600-700. Ridiculous. 

Anyways... some Chanel esapdrille eye candy for you all. Found all of these images on google. I still can't decide what color I want!


  1. Love those shoes, a big however is that twice the stitching/suing came off; I had to return them to my SA and in the end I returned them. I think the ballerinas are a much better investment and will not be out of fashion vs. the espadrilles. I do know how great they look so I definitely understand ;) I did buy a pair of cheap (compared to the chanel ones) 50$ ones from shopbop and I am happier.

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I am now definitely considering the ballerinas instead because they will last me longer and I can wear them all year round :)

  2. I don't love flat espadrilles, but if I had the cash, I'd totally be into the Chanel espadrilles!! Super cute and chic.