May 15, 2013

Mother's Day / OOTD

 I hope everyone had an awesome Mother's Day!! 
Haven't blogged in awhile but here is a simple outfit that I wore to dinner. 
We went to Horizons on Burnaby Mountain.. the food was so-so
Getting to spend some time with my family is priceless though :D

Top - Zara (BUY HERE)
Jeans - Bebe
Necklace - Tiffany & Co Tefoil Key (BUY HERE)
Bracelet - Pandora (BUY HERE)
Watch - Micheal Kors (BUY HERE)
Shoes - I forgot :( It's a super cheap brand.. I think 2 lips?
Bag - Alexander Wang Rocco in Latte (BUY SIMILIAR)

Hehe... $40 dollar heels paired with a $900 bag!

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