July 31, 2013

Chanel Weekender

I want it I want it I want it!! :( 

..... but I don't have $3000 CDN to spend right now.
If you do, you can buy it HERE and HERE

July 30, 2013

Rag & Bone Jodhpur Leggings

I found these online for super cheap. Should I buy them?? I can't think of any tops that I own that would go with these. 

Dolce Vita on Nordstrom Clearance

I have some more fabulous finds for all of you!! I was bored and somehow ended up on the Nordstrom website. I browsed through their clearance section and found some Dolce Vita sandals marked down. I grabbed myself two pairs and another pair for my girlfirend.

I bought these in the yellow. Hopefully they aren't too narrow because I have wide feet. At least there is free shipping and returns! This would be cute with the black Indah dress that I bought (and still haven't worn yet)

Love <3

I also bought these in white. So cheap for only $26!? I got another pair for my girlfriend too

I didn't buy these but here are some more Dolce Vita sandals on sale:

July 29, 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetic bag

I found some Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetic bags on Ebay for really cheap. I grabbed the last black and red lip one for only $20 CDN with free shipping! Thought I would start sharing my cheap online finds with you all.

I plan on using this for my jewelry since I go back and forth between my house and my bf's place so much

July 28, 2013

Organize your life: use an agenda!

I am super anal when it comes to keeping organized. Especially since the nursing program at my school is a 3 year program (instead of the usual 4 years), there are times when I'm juggling 6 classes at once. It gets difficult trying to remember important due dates, not to mention the events that you plan with your friends/boyfriend!

This is why I do not go anywhere without my agenda. My agenda is seriously my lifesaver. Even after I graduate from nursing, I plan on continuing to use an agenda just so that I stay organized. I recently just purchased a new one to use this year by MomAgenda. No... I'm not a mother yet *knock on wood* but this company creates agendas for non-mothers called MyAgenda as well, which is the one that I am using! These agendas come in a variety of colors that change up each year. 

You can even get your agenda personalized with your name! 

My sister and I both ordered agendas this year but in different colors. My sister chose gold while I chose silver. I personalized mine on the bottom too. 

The following has nothing to do with nursing OR fashion, but this is how I organize my agenda (for all you shopaholic students out there!!):

Every agenda that I use HAS to have a monthly calendar. It's a great way of getting an quick view of what you have to do in the upcoming days, or how far apart your assignments are. I usually highlight my exams and assignment due dates. 

This is my agenda from last year. As you can see, I would have multiple things due for each course on the same day. If it wasn't for my agenda, then I would probably end up forgetting something important. I also used the monthly calendar to keep track of when I worked out (I would mark down in green whether I went to hot yoga or the gym). Err.. February seemed like a busy fat gaining month lol

Aside from the monthly calendar, MyAgenda also has a weekly schedule. It can be confusing at first, but there are 5 different columns. The top column can be used for general stuff that you need to get done that day. The remaining columns are for whatever you like! As you can see, I have have "to do", "exercise", "school", and "work" on mine. Again, lots of highlighter color because it keeps me happy lol.

So have I convinced you to organize your life on an agenda (if you haven't already)? You can purchase the MyAgenda at any chapters website (CLICK HERE) or from their actual website (CLICK HERE). After I personalized my agenda, it came to $50 CDN, but that's because I googled for a coupon code online. I'm not sure if there are still some valid ones but search "momagenda" on Retailmenot.com

Rachel Zoe and her crocodile MyAgenda!

July 27, 2013

LV black millionaire sunglasses

Limited edition Louis Vuitton black millionaire sunglasses. Only $3700 LOL! Who wants them?

July 26, 2013

Topshop cardigan

I bought this cardigan from Shoptop yesterday. It's so warm!! Can't wait for fall to start. If you are a student, you get 10% off when you show your student card :) 

July 24, 2013

Someone should cut up my credit card

Aiyah. I bought a Kenzo sweater online today!! I am so angry at myself yet happy at the same time lol. Why on earth is it so difficult for me to save $$$ right now!? Anyways, I love Kenzo sweaters and I've always wanted one. Today my boyfriend and I were walking around gastown and we walked by this high end men's clothing store (don't know the name). One of the mannequins was wearing a Kenzo sweater so I was the one who actually pulled my boyfriend into the store lol. I tried on the men's sweater in a size small and I LOVED IT! It was a bit baggy but I didn't mind. I remember looking at last season's Kenzo sweaters for women and they were sooooo tiny. So I was contemplating on buying the men's sweater today for $315 but I said I would think about it. 

So I got home today and searched for Kenzo sweaters online. The sweaters for women are actually not as tight this season! Plus, the prices were cheaper online!! I found ONE last Kenzo sweater in a size small at Forward by Elyse Walker (a sister site to revolve clothing) so... I bought it. I got 15% off for downloading their iPhone app too!


I also stopped by a consignment store in Gastown today called Timeline Boutique. The owner is SO SO nice and polite. I ended up grabbing a terry cloth Juicy Couture summer dress for ONLY $15! And the store doesn't charge tax either!

My boyfriend won't stop making fun of me and my "shopping list" and how I haven't been able to stick to it at all. He thinks that it's just an excuse for me to shop and soon I'll be having a "Halloween shopping list", "Christmas shopping list", "Fall shopping list". WHATEVV!!!

July 23, 2013

Picked up my parcels today!

I want to start off this blog post by saying how much I despise the border guards at the Canada-US border. I've never had a problem with them before until last week, when my girlfriend and I had tried to go to the post office to get our parcels. The border guard asked me to pop open my trunk (which I did) and low and behold, he found my tiny size container of 6 raspberry ketone pills. So off me and my girlfriend go to get inspected inside. I told the border guards that you can literally, buy raspberry ketone pills ANYWHERE in Canada and the US, including Costco! But we still got hand patted down, sat there for an hour and a half, and listened to the border guard try to tell me that my raspberry ketone pills were narcotics (buddy, if they were narcotics there's no way these would be over the counter). By the time we were let go the stupid post office was closed. 

So one week later (today) we made attempt number 2 to pick up our parcels. Well, we got pulled into inspections. AGAIN! But, this time I was smart and made sure I had no diet/vitamin pills on me whatever. Because you know, having diet/vitamin pills apparently makes you get treated like a criminal. After an hour of waiting we finally got to leave and made it to the post office on time.

I ordered some hair supplies after watching some youtube videos on how to curl hair. I have NEVER had my hair curled before. Hopefully it's as easy as the girl in the youtube video makes it seem. By the way, you guys should definitely check her video out because she's super gorgeous!!!

Here's what I ordered:

1. Cricket amped up teasing brush $3.99
A teasing brush which Maven (the girl in the video) uses to volumnize her hair after the curls are set. 

2. Oscar Blandi dry styling heat spray $23.00
I chose this one because it protects against up to 450 degrees

3. Diane duck bill clips $2.49
I'll be using these to divide my hair into sections

4. Hot tools professional curling iron 1.5 inches $37.99
I researched what were the best curling irons and this one won consecutive years in a row with Beauty Insider. Plus, it was voted most affordable too!! Can't wait to try it out. 

Some of these items were on sale at http://www.folica.com so my total only came to $50.60 with free shipping. Folica is having another sale so if you would like to check them out

I also ordered this Indah dress from Shopbop.com. It's originally $125 but I got it on sale for $90 including shipping and tax. Shopbop doesn't have any smalls left in stock so I've included two links. Unfortunately, the dress is not on sale on other websites. 

I bought the crop top and floral shorts on the left from Tobi.com (blogged about it HERE). The picture on the right is just me trying out the crop top with my high waisted harlem pants from Forever 21! Cute outfit, no??

July 21, 2013

I'm horrible at sticking to a shopping list

I bought another leather jacket today. It looked exactly like the jacket in this Nicole Richie outfit. It was also on sale with free shipping and returns!! ..... so I bought it :S 

Nicole Richie is wearing the Iro Anabela leather jacket in this picture. The jacket normally retails for about $2000 CDN and is very hard to find since it is an older style. I was only able to find the jacket in all black, but there is no way in hell I'm spending that much on a jacket.

My amazing internet searching skills found me this jacket!! An exclusive Michael by Michael Kors jacket for Nordstrom! Originally $450 USD but on sale for only $299. I compared the 2 jackets and they look almost identical. Now all I need is a beige Alexander Mcqueen scarf....

Maybe I'll justify this purchase by not buying my Gucci fedora. I can just grab a cheaper hat from the Goorin & Bros store downtown. 

July 20, 2013

Bracelet Dilemma

I'm having a bracelet dilemma. I don't know which one I want more: the Alexander Mcqueen clasp bangle or the Tiffany & Co beaded bracelet?? The Tiffany bracelet is a lot cheaper and I would save an extra $50 by buying my girlfriend's gift card off of her. But the bangle would be a great layering piece. I can wear it with my gold watch and pair it with some fall colors like black and brown. Decisions decisions!!

July 19, 2013

OOTD (late post)

 This is a late post... excuse my horrendous nails!! They look much better now I swear! 
Here is an outfit I wore to a girlfriend's birthday dinner downtown.

Top - Zara 
Jeans - 7 for All Mankind (BUY HERE)
Shoes - Rock & Republic
Purse - Stam by Marc Jacobs (BUY HERE)
Ring - YSL Arty Ring (BUY SIMILIAR)
Gold bracelet - Given to me by my mom
Black bracelet - J Crew