July 20, 2013

Bracelet Dilemma

I'm having a bracelet dilemma. I don't know which one I want more: the Alexander Mcqueen clasp bangle or the Tiffany & Co beaded bracelet?? The Tiffany bracelet is a lot cheaper and I would save an extra $50 by buying my girlfriend's gift card off of her. But the bangle would be a great layering piece. I can wear it with my gold watch and pair it with some fall colors like black and brown. Decisions decisions!!


  1. Tiffany's first and then mc queen. Since mc queen's one is not on sale and Tiffany's you can get $50off.

    1. Oh... the McQueen bracelet is actually on sale! It was originally $345 but is on sale for $231 now :D The Tiffany is regular price BUT with the gift card will be $50 cheaper. Hmmmm... what to do!!

      If I do buy a bracelet I only want to choose one in an attempt to be "good" with my money lol. This will be a tough choice to make.

  2. I think the tiff&co is a better buy because its more versatile for layering other bracelets and has more value to it than a fad of McQueen bangle.

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