July 17, 2013

My end of the summer wishlist

Ok. So there a few things that I want to buy before I go back to school and never shop again (I'm going to try not to shop until I graduate at the end of December lol). After much thought, here are the items that I am planning to get:

#1. Stunning Venetian Mirror
$275 CDN 

This mirror is from Wisteria.com which is a really nice and high-end furniture company. I'm so in love with this mirror because it suits my bedroom theme (which I will blog about once I'm done) and it fits perfectly on top of my dresser. Venetian mirrors are so romantic and elegant. Wisteria.com only offers shipping within the states but I emailed and asked for a Canadian price which they told me would be $275. I just need to send them a money order!

#2. Tiffany bead bracelet
$165 USD

I'm so angry because I wanted this bracelet but in the bigger sized beads. I can't seem to find it online so I'm guessing that it's now discontinued?! Lesson learned: If you like it buy it ASAP! lol. My girlfriend told me that she has a $250 Tiffany gift certificate and is willing to sell it to me for only $200! Once I grab it from her I'll buy myself this bracelet :D 

#3. Mackage Liat Leather Jacket
$486 CDN on sale

This jacket is currently on sale right now but I'm waiting to see if the price will go lower. I used to have 2 Mackage leather jackets but I never wore them so I sold them both. Now I'm totally regretting it!! My boyfriend gave me another Mackage leather jacket for Christmas but it's a tad short on me. I have a long torso so jackets which sit at the hip look better on me. It starts getting cold around September here in Vancouver so this will be a justified purchase ;)

#4. Hermes Silver Wide Clic Clac in Black Enamel
$690 USD ish

I want one more Clic Clac to go with the thin silver and white one that I already have. I would layer both and wear at the same time!! 

#5. Gucci Signature Fedora
$285 USD

I'm in love with this hat. The only thing stopping me from buying it right away is that I don't know what size my head is. I need to make some time to go to the Gucci store to try the hats on. 

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