July 23, 2013

Picked up my parcels today!

I want to start off this blog post by saying how much I despise the border guards at the Canada-US border. I've never had a problem with them before until last week, when my girlfriend and I had tried to go to the post office to get our parcels. The border guard asked me to pop open my trunk (which I did) and low and behold, he found my tiny size container of 6 raspberry ketone pills. So off me and my girlfriend go to get inspected inside. I told the border guards that you can literally, buy raspberry ketone pills ANYWHERE in Canada and the US, including Costco! But we still got hand patted down, sat there for an hour and a half, and listened to the border guard try to tell me that my raspberry ketone pills were narcotics (buddy, if they were narcotics there's no way these would be over the counter). By the time we were let go the stupid post office was closed. 

So one week later (today) we made attempt number 2 to pick up our parcels. Well, we got pulled into inspections. AGAIN! But, this time I was smart and made sure I had no diet/vitamin pills on me whatever. Because you know, having diet/vitamin pills apparently makes you get treated like a criminal. After an hour of waiting we finally got to leave and made it to the post office on time.

I ordered some hair supplies after watching some youtube videos on how to curl hair. I have NEVER had my hair curled before. Hopefully it's as easy as the girl in the youtube video makes it seem. By the way, you guys should definitely check her video out because she's super gorgeous!!!

Here's what I ordered:

1. Cricket amped up teasing brush $3.99
A teasing brush which Maven (the girl in the video) uses to volumnize her hair after the curls are set. 

2. Oscar Blandi dry styling heat spray $23.00
I chose this one because it protects against up to 450 degrees

3. Diane duck bill clips $2.49
I'll be using these to divide my hair into sections

4. Hot tools professional curling iron 1.5 inches $37.99
I researched what were the best curling irons and this one won consecutive years in a row with Beauty Insider. Plus, it was voted most affordable too!! Can't wait to try it out. 

Some of these items were on sale at http://www.folica.com so my total only came to $50.60 with free shipping. Folica is having another sale so if you would like to check them out

I also ordered this Indah dress from Shopbop.com. It's originally $125 but I got it on sale for $90 including shipping and tax. Shopbop doesn't have any smalls left in stock so I've included two links. Unfortunately, the dress is not on sale on other websites. 

I bought the crop top and floral shorts on the left from Tobi.com (blogged about it HERE). The picture on the right is just me trying out the crop top with my high waisted harlem pants from Forever 21! Cute outfit, no??

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