July 02, 2013


Okay this is the last time that I shop.
For reals. I swear!!

Drove with my girlfriend across the border the other day to pick up our online shopping packages at the post office. 
17 packages for 2 shopaholic girls... hmmmm.... lol

Silverstone Rose Jumper by Wildfox 
I bought this in a size small which I totally regret. Should have stuck with XS!
But it's supposed to fit baggy so I think I can get away with it 
My boyfriend despises this sweater lol

Guess what I ordered from Net-a-porter! :D


My very first YSL arty ring!!
I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it 
The ring is originally $290
I bought it on sale for only $145 

Shipping was a bitch though because net-a-porter only offers free shipping within the US. Shipping to Canada was an extra $47 which was out of the question. I asked to have the ring mailed to my PO box in the states and they said no. So I had to message my cousin who lives in California if I could mail the ring to her house and if she could mail the ring to my PO box afterwards. Ugh.

Ordered this maxi dress from Tobi.com
That website always has such awesome deals!! 
This dress is $54 CAD but I got in on sale for $25 CAD

I can't believe how LONG the dress is though!!
 I mean.. I'm already 5'7 and this dress is barely short enough for me to not trip and fall. 

A second dress that I ordered from Tobi.com but I might return or sell it 
It was only $32 CAD!

I bought my bestfriend a Pandora charm bracelet with a cupcake charm for her birthday
While I was in the store, I couldn't help but buy myself a few charms as well..
Not sure if you can see, but I bought:
The dangling paved heart in the middle
The 2 spacers on each side of it
2 new speckled stone charms

After a few hours, I got sick of the speckled stone charms cause I thought they looked really childish. So I returned them and went back to using my plain white stone charms! 

Okay so I bought more from Tobi.com lol...
Isn't this skirt cute!

Bought these cute floral shorts too

... and this black strappy tank top

And these two cropped tops!!

Okay and for my LAST purchase.......

I finally bought a YSL SHIRT!!!
I ordered it from Farfetch.com because it was on sale
Originally $400 and I got it on sale for $199!
But... I wasn't too sure about the sizing.
See the model in the pic above? That shirt is a MEDIUM! 
And it's so short on her!! 
I want my shirt to be a bit looser so I ordered a size large (plus it was the only size left)
If anything, I'm sure that I can shrink the shirt if I have to.
Can't wait for my shirt to come <3 

It is probably really hypocritical of me for posting this quote but honestly, this is something that I need to work on!! 
Need to stop shopping and start SAVING!!


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