July 21, 2013

I'm horrible at sticking to a shopping list

I bought another leather jacket today. It looked exactly like the jacket in this Nicole Richie outfit. It was also on sale with free shipping and returns!! ..... so I bought it :S 

Nicole Richie is wearing the Iro Anabela leather jacket in this picture. The jacket normally retails for about $2000 CDN and is very hard to find since it is an older style. I was only able to find the jacket in all black, but there is no way in hell I'm spending that much on a jacket.

My amazing internet searching skills found me this jacket!! An exclusive Michael by Michael Kors jacket for Nordstrom! Originally $450 USD but on sale for only $299. I compared the 2 jackets and they look almost identical. Now all I need is a beige Alexander Mcqueen scarf....

Maybe I'll justify this purchase by not buying my Gucci fedora. I can just grab a cheaper hat from the Goorin & Bros store downtown. 

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