July 24, 2013

Someone should cut up my credit card

Aiyah. I bought a Kenzo sweater online today!! I am so angry at myself yet happy at the same time lol. Why on earth is it so difficult for me to save $$$ right now!? Anyways, I love Kenzo sweaters and I've always wanted one. Today my boyfriend and I were walking around gastown and we walked by this high end men's clothing store (don't know the name). One of the mannequins was wearing a Kenzo sweater so I was the one who actually pulled my boyfriend into the store lol. I tried on the men's sweater in a size small and I LOVED IT! It was a bit baggy but I didn't mind. I remember looking at last season's Kenzo sweaters for women and they were sooooo tiny. So I was contemplating on buying the men's sweater today for $315 but I said I would think about it. 

So I got home today and searched for Kenzo sweaters online. The sweaters for women are actually not as tight this season! Plus, the prices were cheaper online!! I found ONE last Kenzo sweater in a size small at Forward by Elyse Walker (a sister site to revolve clothing) so... I bought it. I got 15% off for downloading their iPhone app too!


I also stopped by a consignment store in Gastown today called Timeline Boutique. The owner is SO SO nice and polite. I ended up grabbing a terry cloth Juicy Couture summer dress for ONLY $15! And the store doesn't charge tax either!

My boyfriend won't stop making fun of me and my "shopping list" and how I haven't been able to stick to it at all. He thinks that it's just an excuse for me to shop and soon I'll be having a "Halloween shopping list", "Christmas shopping list", "Fall shopping list". WHATEVV!!!

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