July 28, 2013

Organize your life: use an agenda!

I am super anal when it comes to keeping organized. Especially since the nursing program at my school is a 3 year program (instead of the usual 4 years), there are times when I'm juggling 6 classes at once. It gets difficult trying to remember important due dates, not to mention the events that you plan with your friends/boyfriend!

This is why I do not go anywhere without my agenda. My agenda is seriously my lifesaver. Even after I graduate from nursing, I plan on continuing to use an agenda just so that I stay organized. I recently just purchased a new one to use this year by MomAgenda. No... I'm not a mother yet *knock on wood* but this company creates agendas for non-mothers called MyAgenda as well, which is the one that I am using! These agendas come in a variety of colors that change up each year. 

You can even get your agenda personalized with your name! 

My sister and I both ordered agendas this year but in different colors. My sister chose gold while I chose silver. I personalized mine on the bottom too. 

The following has nothing to do with nursing OR fashion, but this is how I organize my agenda (for all you shopaholic students out there!!):

Every agenda that I use HAS to have a monthly calendar. It's a great way of getting an quick view of what you have to do in the upcoming days, or how far apart your assignments are. I usually highlight my exams and assignment due dates. 

This is my agenda from last year. As you can see, I would have multiple things due for each course on the same day. If it wasn't for my agenda, then I would probably end up forgetting something important. I also used the monthly calendar to keep track of when I worked out (I would mark down in green whether I went to hot yoga or the gym). Err.. February seemed like a busy fat gaining month lol

Aside from the monthly calendar, MyAgenda also has a weekly schedule. It can be confusing at first, but there are 5 different columns. The top column can be used for general stuff that you need to get done that day. The remaining columns are for whatever you like! As you can see, I have have "to do", "exercise", "school", and "work" on mine. Again, lots of highlighter color because it keeps me happy lol.

So have I convinced you to organize your life on an agenda (if you haven't already)? You can purchase the MyAgenda at any chapters website (CLICK HERE) or from their actual website (CLICK HERE). After I personalized my agenda, it came to $50 CDN, but that's because I googled for a coupon code online. I'm not sure if there are still some valid ones but search "momagenda" on Retailmenot.com

Rachel Zoe and her crocodile MyAgenda!

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