December 14, 2011

presenting... the world's WORSE bf!!!!

I had my last two finals today!! So some of you are probably wondering what happened between me and my boyfriend (now EX-bf). Let's see.. the both of us usually fight a lot because he acts really immature. So one day he finally said "I'm not happy in this relationship I want a break." I said "Okay I agree with you let's go on a break". Since my xbf was the one who asked to go on a break first, you'd think that he would have been fine with my answer. Nope. Instead he starts RIPPING MY SCHOOL NOTES APART!! He took my textbooks and started throwing them everywhere (and at me) and then he took my binders (which I have kept VERY organized) and started ripping the pages out of them. I was sooooooooo fricken choked. You NEVER mess with my me and my school work!! So I'm trying to gather as many textbooks as I can to bring with me but the crazy psychopath says "NO GET OUT NOW". He grabs me and starts shoving me towards the door so I had to leave them behind. Luckily I pack my backpack every night so I grabbed it as I'm going. Before I can even put my shoes on or get a jacket the asshole threw me out the apartment door. So now I have NO CLOTHES and NONE of my belongings! I had to call my mom and get her to pay for my cab ride home. I have never been so disgusted and disappointed in my life.

My xbf is supposed to be a 32 year old grown man and this is how he handles rejection? I thought about it and he is the most pathetic individual I have ever met. I should have left him a long time ago because there were so many warning signs but I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt. I also thought that I could change him to become a better person but I've realized now that it's never your job to change people. My xbf has so many issues that he needs to deal with. He has anger issues, drinking issues, INSECURITY issues. I remember one time I was practicing my presentation out loud so I closed our computer room door. He got so mad at me because he told me I was being "shady". Can you believe that?

ANYWAYS... I'm in a much better and happier place in my life. I'm actually having a lot of fun now that I'm single! I'm probably not going to date for a long time because I'm a little traumatized and I'll be honest in a manhater mood right now. BUT I promised myself that the next guy I date has to be someone who is educated and mature. There's no point in going to nursing school and studying to get high marks when your boyfriend is as dumb as a rock. His stupidity will end up killing your own brain cells. True story!


  1. Im so sorry I hear that, but really hope you find someone whos better and right for you. Keep looking and never give up, good ridance, this guy was a psycho!

  2. omg! sounds so similar like my own relationship................................fml