November 21, 2011

Birthday dress s-t-r-e-s-s

I'm supposed to be studying right now but i'm stressing out about what to wear to my birthday. I'm celebrating my birthday really early this year on December 3rd because I'm going to be busy with finals, going away to Whistler, Christmas and NYE. My real birthday is on December 29 and I absolutely have no time to celebrate it any other day!! So now I have a lil over a week to find a birthday dress. It's difficult because i'm such a picky and indecisive person argh! Some ideas that I have in mind:

I already ordered this dress from Asos. 
It was around $83 but i'm not sure if I want to wear it anymore 

This Bebe dress is sold out in stores and online so I had to search for it on ebay.
The only XS is $290 + $30 shipping = $320

This girl is selling her Sky dress online. It's $110

I'm so flustered that I'm planning to go to a few stores that sell dresses so that I can see what other options I have. I'm running out of time ahhh!!


  1. I think the first dress is super cute :) Although I guess it's kind of on the conservative side on the upper half haha

  2. bebe dress is awsome and sky is so blah now