November 18, 2011

best anniversary ever!

So my boyfriend surprised me and took me to Joe Fortes... because I always tell him how it's one of my favorite restaurants. Our reservation was for the patio and it was super romantic. My boyfriend ordered the special which was 3 different types of fish and I had lamb shank. I absolutely love lamb! I was so anxious because I couldn't wait to get my anniversary gift. At first I thought that it was the LV alma... and then I thought that it was a watch... but it turned out to be a Tiffany necklace! It was a very meaningful gift because it was a gold necklace with two interlocked rings. My boyfriend told me that the rings represented me and him. My heart seriously melted...

My boyfriend's dinner: 3 different types of fish

My dinner: Lamb shank (yummmmmm!!)

My surprise :D I wonder what it is?

Interlocking circles pendant in 18K gold! 

I love love love love love my present 

They didn't have the all 18K gold necklace on the Tiffany website
but here is the sterling silver/18K gold one


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