November 19, 2011

Snowing in November

I think that I must have a really low body temperature because I am always freezing. Even when I wear my warmest jacket from Mackage I am still cold!! I really need to go get my thyroid checked because sometimes I think that I have hypothyroidism. But then again I have this habit of diagnosing myself with conditions that I learn about in school LOL. When I learnt about generalized anxiety disorder I was so sure that I had it. Then when I learnt about lymphoma I went to my pathophysiology teacher and told him that I had it on my arms. My teacher told me to stop diagnosing myself!

Anyways since it snowed a couple of days ago I realized that I needed to buy myself a new, warm and casual winter jacket. I actually don't own a casual winter jacket because my Mackage ones are all formal. I wouldn't want to wear them to school because I hate dressing up for school. So I think that buying a new winter jacket is a justifiable decision lol.

This is my warmest jacket. It's Magda by Mackage. I love it because it has fleece in the inside of the pockets to keep your hands warm. It also has rabbit fur on the collar and in the inside front of the jacket so you are super cozy.

Jackets that I'm thinking about buying:
This is the Joey by Mackage. It's $520 online and I think that it's my first choice because it's looks casual yet still stylish. Plus from experience I know that Mackage jackets are really warm and they are good quality.

 This is from Aritzia and it's around $315. It's definitely a lot cheaper but I'm not sure how warm it is. I would be willing to pay more money for a jacket that keeps me warmer. I'll still go and try this on at the store!

This is a jacket by ADD and it's $560 online. I'm not sure if I really like this style because it reminds me of the jacket that I already own. ADD jackets are also very thin and even though they say that they are really warm I don't know if I believe them. You can buy ADD jackets in only two places in Vancouver: Holt Renfrew and Blue Bird

This is the Chilliwack Bomber by Canada Goose in graphite. I have always wanted a Canada Goose jacket even though they aren't very stylish because they are SUPER WARM! There are days when I honestly don't care about what I look like just as long as I'm warm. I only know of one place in Vancouver that sells Canada Goose and it's Hart and Sole. This jacket is around $400 (I think). I'm torn between this jacket and the Mackage Joey.

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