November 15, 2011


So my boyfriend's mom finally came back from her Asia trip... and she brought back with her my birthday gift :D  My boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday so I asked for the Chanel shopping tote GST in beige. We went to the Chanel store in Holt Renfrew to check it out but they were sold out in beige. The total for the bag with tax is around $2900.

Then we thought about it and said, why don't we just get it in Hong Kong?? It's so much cheaper there!! My boyfriend's mom was going to Hong Kong so it was perfect timing and we asked her to grab it. However, everywhere in Hong Kong was sold out of the bag in beige and so I ended up getting it in black. The bag was about $500 cheaper in Hong Kong because apparently their ship port is tax free. I love my bag!! Too bad I couldn't get it in beige because I have so much black. Oh and sorry for the shitty pic quality... I lost my camera in a drunken rage last week.
On another note, I also ended up taking a picture of this fake LV bag that some bitch sold to me when I was younger. I think I was 17 years old at the time. I was working hard and saving up to buy myself an LV bag. I made the mistake though of buying it off of someone on craigslist. I should have known that $700 for a Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM was too good to be true!! Anyways, I met up with the girl who looked like some young and skinny Asian chick and she was so sneaky. She gave me the fake bag along with a real LV receipt, garment bag and shopping bag. I didn't find out that the bag was fake until later on and I was sooooooooo devastated!! If I ever see that bitch again i'll slap her in the face with my Chanel. ANYWAYS... I took a picture of the bag because I figured that I would just give it to my lil cousin. 


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