November 09, 2011

5 weeks of school left: will I survive?

THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME. At the beginning of the school term I always have so much motivation to excel and get high marks. I am a true nerd and practically breathe, eat and dream homework. Then... as the school term comes closer to the end... my mind slowly begins to drift back into lala land. Instead of doing homework, I sit at my laptop and daydream about all the things that I could have bought if I still had a job. Yup, that's right. I HAD a job. Which I had to quit because I discovered that working while taking 6 classes was pretty suicidal!! I haven't been unemployed since I was 16 years old and it's a horrible feeling. Not having any money to buy food or go shopping. It breaks my heart into a million pieces!

So that's pretty much the story of my life. A broke student living off of canned spam and McDonalds for the next 2 years. Okay fine I'm exaggerating :) I am broke but I'm also blessed to have a boyfriend who wants to see me do well in school. He's a great guy who has seen how much work I put into my studies and is willing to help support me in the mean time. I also did promise him that I would become his sugar momma once I become a nurse and make $30+ an hour!

In the end I guess my life isn't that bad right now. A supportive boyfriend + no work = more time to relax and focus on school. Right? Yet... I can't help but feel incredibly guilty that I can't buy my boyfriend things. Ever since we started dating I have only bought him one thing. A playbook for his birthday which was not easy to get. I had to combine all of my lunch money and government checks to pay for it (e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-i-n-g). Our anniversary is coming up next week and I'm stressing out because I have nothing to give him. This is what I really want to buy him:

I think that this coin purse would be perfect for him because it matches his wallet. Plus the Louis Vuitton coin purse that he's using right now is breaking! I'm sure that I can figure out a way to gather $200+ for this :S

My boyfriend is the worse at surprises. He will tell me that he has a surprise for me LOL. So I know that he already got me something for an anniversary present. I just don't know what yet! He kinddddddddd of told me how much it was so I think I know what it is. If my gut feeling is right then I think that he got me the Louis Vuitton Alma that I wanted. He said that he spent around $2500 on it and the other day in our apartment I saw a Louis Vuitton receipt (I tried very hard not to open it). I'm so excited!! :D My boyfriend saw a chick with the Alma during the summer and he said he really liked it. He said it looked good in dark red but my boyfriend is color blind so he might have ended up buying me the amarante color haha.



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