November 16, 2011

SOO annoyed!! >.<"

So I decided to buy my boyfriend's surprise anniversary gift today. I went to Gucci and they didn't have the black credit card pouch so I ended up deciding between Gucci runners or a black messenger bag to match his wallet. I ended up buying the messenger bag because I couldn't remember his shoe size!

I was really excited to get him the bag. It was going to be huge surprise because he had no idea that I went to Gucci (I lied and said that I was in the library doing homework). I originally went to LV before Gucci and I looked at the bags that they had but they were WAYYYYYYY out of my budget. This one bag that I wanted to get him was $1040 before tax... and I only had a $1000 limit :( I thought that this Gucci bag would do....

The LV bag that I originally wanted to get my boyfriend

Then my boyfriend totally ruined my day. Out of nowhere on our way home from dinner... he tells me that he's thinking about buying himself the new Citaden LV bag. THATS THE BAG I WANTED TO BUY HIM BUT I HAVE NO FRICKEN MONEY!! Now I don't even want to give him the Gucci bag because it's nowhere as nice as the LV one. I think that I'm going to end up exchanging it for the shoes before our anniversary dinner. It's going to be tricky though because I'm going to have to think of another lie so that he doesn't find out. Maybe I'll suffer and try to find some money to get him that stupid LV bag (I doubt I will). SIGH it sucks being a poor student.

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