February 27, 2012


I tried to put off buying a winter jacket for so long because it's already February and we technically only have one month of winter left. Yet the past two days have been so cold AND it snowed!! I was dying and on the verge of getting hypothermia so I went on a hunt for a winter jacket. I finally bought the Mackage Joey jacket and it is really warm. I'm a big bargain shopper and I found this jacket in extra small for sale on www.list4all.com for only $380 (it's originally $520 before tax and shipping on the Mackage website). I bargained it down to $370 and my boyfriend grabbed it for me. It was such a good deal... I'm proud of myself lol.

I'm going to Whistler this weekend with my boyfriend so I can wear my new jacket there. My boyfriend is in real estate and he always has these crazy hookups so he got this mansion for the weekend. It has 5 bedrooms plus an indoor pool! I'll take pictures and post it on my blog. I lost my camera charger though :( I'm pretty sure that it's somewhere in my house...

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