February 22, 2012


I couldn't take it any longer without the rest of my belongings so I sucked it up and finally texted my ex-boyfriend. I said, "Hey when are you free I want to get the rest of my stuff" and then he ended up calling me. It was so awkward on the phone!! He asked me if I was seeing anyone and I told him that I was dating someone now. He said "I hope it's not someone that I know". YIKES.

He told me that I could come over to grab the rest of my stuff and so I did later on. I REALLY did not want to go by myself but it was too last minute to get anyone to go with me. When I got to the apartment my ex-boyfriend immediately started asking me stuff about my new boyfriend like how long we've been together etc. Ugh. Then he gave me back my Tiffany necklace but not my Chanel bag (he gave it to his mom). I don't want this necklace at all so I'm going to try to sell it lol. I quickly packed up all of my stuff and tried to bounce out of there as quick as I could but my ex-boyfriend kept trying to talk to me.

Ex-boyfriend: So do you ever think about me?
Me: No. Not really.
Ex-boyfriend: Not even a little?
Me: I think about you a little but it's when I think about how much I hate you.
Ex-boyfriend: Oh well I think about you a little here and there...
Ex-boyfriend: So... I guess it's too late for us to get back together right...
Me: Ummmm yeah I think so
Ex-boyfriend: Well I want to buy you something for your birthday to show you that I'm sincerely sorry for what I did to you. I'll take you on a shopping spree wherever you want. We can go to Holt Renfrew or LV. I'll buy you a new bag.
Me: No you don't need to. You didn't come to my birthday so it's okay.
Ex-boyfriend: No I want to. As a friend.
Me: Well I'll think about it.
Ex:boyfriend: I bought myself the new Mercedes Coup.
Me: Oh that's cool good for you.
Ex-boyfriend: I get my new car in March so I can come pick you up in it and we can go shopping. Do you want to sit in my new car?
Me: Sure (but really in my head I'm thinking what a douchebag)
Ex-boyfriend: Can I have a hug before you leave
Me: Sure *goes over and gives hug*
Ex-boyfriend: *says into my ear* So... you really don't miss me?
Me. NO.

If you think that was bad you guys should read the text messages that he sent me later on that night lol. I kind of do want to go on a shopping spree and get a new bag but I don't think that my new boyfriend would like that very much :(


  1. awww. it looks like your ex thinks he can solve issues with just money. but honey, you can't be bought like that! ;)

    1. haha yeah my ex is so delusional!! $$$ isn't going to make his issues go away he should use that money to get help instead