December 31, 2012


So it's New Years Eve and I woke up this morning extremely sick. I'm hoping that I'll feel better asap because I really wanted to go out tonight with my boyfriend. You see... this is the first year where I'm not closing at the restaurant that I work at and the first year where I'll technically be able to celebrate New Years Eve for the first time!! Should I suck it up and go out and just die for the rest of the week? I really wanted to go to Science World tonight :P

On the other hand... I've suddenly become obsessed with Equipment blouses. I've found several on Ebay for cheaper prices which I'm very very tempted to buy. I want this blouse in so many styles and colors now.

This is blogger Native Fox wearing a black Equipment blouse
(Also the reason why I became obsessed with them)
She has GREAT fashion style and clothes! 
Follow her blog here ---> Native Fox

Collarless style Equipment blouse

Another collarless style 

I love the color contrast in this outfit

I found this same blouse for sale on Ebay
To buy or not to buy?

Beige is always a staple color

Collarless blouse

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