January 02, 2013

Since Christmas is over and now that I've been working as a part time Care Aid... I've decided to start building up on my bag collection :D My Care Aid job is awesome because it pays me soooo well and I only work a few times a week so that I can manage my school workload at the same time. 
Here is my plan: Pay off my credit cards (I'm thinking that I can do this by end of Feb) and then begin to start saving up for my dream bags above! (Yes I know.. I'm beginning to sound like a brat who should be saving my money instead but whatever... shopping keeps me sane).
1. YSL Large Cabas Y Bag in brown leather $2450 (BUY HERE)
2. YSL Y Clutch in fuscia leather $995 (BUY HERE)
3. Chanel GST Shopping Tote $2900
4. Louis Vuitton Alma GM in Vernis Amarante $2490 (BUY HERE)
5. Celine Small Luggage Tote $2500 (I think?)
6. Balenciaga Giant City Brogues in bleu mineral $2045 (BUY HERE)
Anything is possible when you put your mind to it! Bags bags bags here I come!


  1. Love your new layout! I say money is relevant. Something you want to spend money is important to you but might not be to someone else. Like me spending $30 on makeup while my bf thinks eating out would be better spent :P

    1. Haha thank you! I've been trying to redo my VCH online orientation but of course I'm finding other things to get myself distracted with :P

  2. hi I just spent a while reading all your posts LOL<3 btw apparently the cabas gets super saggy and ugly and cant stand on its own after a while so keep that in mind, don't know if u like that or not

    1. Yay you're back on blogger lol! Oh really... the cabas does that? I was actually going to buy a friend of a friend's cabas next month cause she's selling it for only $1700. It's brand new and everthing!! Maybe I'll buy one of those shape keepers off of ebay. Or I can do what my mom did... cut out a piece of thick cardboard and place it on the bottom of the bag haha.