January 24, 2013


Okay. I ended up shopping again today. I went to the mall because I needed to buy a new yoga mat. I left my pink one in my bf's family car and I haven't seen it since. I told myself today that I was going to grab the yoga mat and exit the mall immediately.... but the temptation in Forever21 was too hard to resist lol. 

The UN mat by Lululemon
This is actually a lime green color.
I chose this mat because it is the thinner version of their regular yoga mats.
I like using thinner mats because #1: they are lighter to carry around
#2: they aren't squishy and are therefore more firm to stand on 
#3. they are cheaper ;)

Heathered Heart Pullover by Forever21
$21.80 CAD (BUY HERE)
I saw this and it reminded me of Wildfox. It's so cute!

Longline 9 Graphic Sweater by Forever 21
$27.80 CAD (BUY HERE)
This sweater reminds me of this Aritzia blouse than I wanted really bad before
Except the Aritzia one is a ripoff and around $50 CAD lol

Fairfield T-shirt by TNA (Aritzia brand)
I personally like the Forever 21 version a lot better.

Studded Shoulder Sweater by Forever 21
$33.80 CAD (BUY HERE)
I want to buy a studded sweater before the fad dies out

I would wear it like this chick! 
With jeans and cute buckle booties for that "rocker" look 
Def won't be chopping my hair that short tho. Ever.

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