January 15, 2013


I am having a really hard time not shopping and saving up my money lol. I can't stop buying things!? I've been good at putting some money here and there onto my credit cards though and so they are slowly getting paid off :) It's just going to take me longer to pay them off because I keep spending $$$ at the same time. 

Equipment Signature Blouse in Black

I finally bought my first Equipment blouse. I wrote a blog posting dedicated to Equipment blouses and how much I loved them lol... so I've been keeping my eye on them on Ebay since it is a LOT cheaper there. For my first Equipment shirt, I decided that I wanted to get a black one first since it is a staple color and easy to mix and match. Plus, I like the outfit that Native Fox (CLICK HERE) has put together using the same blouse. The only difference that I would make is to wear a Moschino or Hermes belt instead. 

One of my favorite bloggers Native Fox

Guess how much I got my black Equipment blouse for??
It is brand new for only $80!!
Original retail price: $208
I saved: $128

Equipment Tanner Colorblock Blouse in Peacoat

Then, I found this other Equipment blouse on Ebay. I wasn't planning to buy another Equipment blouse since I haven't even received my black one in the mail yet, but it was another good deal that I couldn't resist. This blouse is brand new yet there is just one small defect: a button hole on the back of the collar. I bought it anyways because really? Who on earth is going to notice a small button hole on the back of my neck lol

Guess again how much I bought this shirt for?
Brand new for only $60 + free shipping
Original retail price: $228
Savings: $168


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