January 19, 2013


Vancouver Canada News Lululemon Warehouse Sale 2013 BC PlaceThe only time where me and my sister will willingly wake up at 5am... is when there is a warehouse sale. LOL! This year, Vancouver got to host the Lululemon Warehouse sale (which is a rare thing) and since I am in total fitness mode, I just hadddddddddddd to go. If you are in the Vancouver area then you have probably already heard about the sale since it has been all over the news, but if not, then you still have tomorrow as it is the last day!

FYI: my sister and I are hardcore warehouse-salers (I coined this term myself). There are only a few warehouse sales that we go to every year. I would say that we are pretty professional at what we do lol. The lululemon sale didn't start until 8am yet we were up at 5am, arrived at the place by 6am to be one of the first people in line, waited 2 hours in the freezing cold, and attacked those sale racks once we were in! It's important to leave your bag at home because you have to coatcheck your bag and jacket anyways. I kept my credit cards in my Louis Vuitton keychain, and then I hooked my keychain around my watch so that I didn't have to hold onto it while I shopped. Pretty creative huh? After 3 hours of shopping and scrimaging around, I left with 5 items for $130, my sister bought 7 items for $180, and my gf bought 7 items for $370 (4 cropped workout pants + 3 long-sleeved tops).

My snazzy dazzy key holder haha! 

Apparently this was completely filled up for hours. The lineup to get in was over an hour long. 

Global TV decided to come and film all the keen shoppers! My sister and I refused to be seen on TV so we tried to run away when the reporter asked us a few questions.

My goodies!!
Black cashmere gloves - $9.00 CAD
Headband - $4.00 CAD
2 toned workout pants - $56.00 CAD
Pink bra top - $22.00 CAD
Invicta workout pants - $39.00 CAD
*NOTE: Invicta is the children's version of Lululemon. I fit their size 14!

If you are interested in checking out the Lululemon website...

This is a little random... but since we are on the topic of fitness clothing... 
here is a healthy salad that I made for me and my bf! 

Baked chicken breast seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, and oregano
Flax seed
Feta cheese
1 Hardboiled egg
Crushed walnuts 
Raspberry vinaigrette 

Namaste Everyone <3

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