December 11, 2012

I've been so busy with school and finals lately that I haven't had time to blog. I've been doing a lot of shopping however like always. 

I've always wanted this jacket but it was sold out in my size on Luckily, I found it on the Ebay UK site!! I bid and bid and I finally won it for $80 including shipping. I chose a size 8 but I've never ordered anything in UK size before. I hope it fits me! I'm pretty sure it will because I've gained so much weight lately :( 

This is the dress (on the left) that I chose to wear for my birthday this year (will be celebrating it on the 22nd). But it's really annoying because it actually comes like the dress on the right and so I'll need to get it altered because I hate the waistband. I ordered it week ago and it STILL HASN'T ARRIVED!! I'm stressin out! With shipping it came to about $100.

Since I've been working so hard at school this term I decided that I would reward myself with a bag. My dad gave me $500 for Christmas/my birthday and I'm totally planning on using it! I don't mind buying second hand bags and so I've been searching around on Ebay. I found a brown Balenciaga bag for a really good price and I was soooooooooo set on getting it. I bid on it and was the top seller... until the last 15 seconds... when no lie... 4 different Ebayers decided to go to war. I couldn't even raise my maximum bid because there was no time left. I didn't end up winning and I was so disappointed.

BUT... I did find some other bags that I like. I think that I want a Louis Vuitton Alma. I found a bunch of the epi leather in green, blue, both dark and light brown, red, and black. I wasn't too sure which color I wanted to get but I narrowed it down to the browns or black. I finally decided that black would be my first choice but if I lose that bid war (which I hope I don't) then I'll go for one of the shades of brown. They are perfect colors for fall outfits.

I WANT I WANT I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golden brown VS Dark brown 

My Benefit makeup kit came in from 
It works pretty good and I'm quite impressed! 
It comes with 4 different items:

1. Pore refiner: I've never tried a pore refiner before but it's pretty cool. I don't have any "big pores" though so it's just sitting in the box because I have no need for it! :P
2. Foundation: I wrote an entry on this foundation already and I still believe that it's the best one
3. Concealer: You get 2 different shades which is awesome. They provide REALLY good coverage. I use the lighter shade on my face and the darker shade on my body (like my chest) in case I break out
4. Powder: The powder is pretty good as well. I've been using it because I lost my Smashbox one :( 

Overall I would give this kit an 8/10
Pros: The products work really well and it's a pretty easy way to "sample" everything at once. Easy to follow application instructions are included and you can keep the box afterwards too.
Cons: The sizes are small, a little bit pricey, and you can't stick that powder into your purse for on the go lol.

I spent quite a bit of money on this Christmas tree since my boyfriend and I don't have any ornaments. I tried to go with this homesense Christmasy feel. Isn't the mushroom ornament so cute? (near the top)


Here's an outfit that I wore one day when it was really chilly outside. 
Jeans - Bebe 
Belt - Gucci 
Cardigan - Kensie Girl
Blouse - Mossimo by Target
Vest - Sammydress (BUY HERE)
Scarf - Sammydress (BUY HERE)
Bag - Gucci black sukey top handle bag (BUY HERE)
Gucci Sukey Top Handle Bag in Black - Lyst

Okay must get some sleep and finish studying tomorrow! XOXO

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