October 17, 2012

Ever since I've gone back to school I haven't had time to work. So I'm kind of brokeass again but I still can't stop shopping. A girlfriend of mine suggested that I start selling the clothes that I don't wear anymore on Ebay and so I gave it a try. I dunno if it's because the prices that I've been listing my items at are too low... but people have been buying my stuff like crazy!! I'm so excited! There are soooooooooooooo many things that I want to buy but I'm having a hard time deciding if I should spend my money, save it for Christmas shopping, or use it to pay off my visa card so that I can cut it up into a million tiny pieces and never be in debt again. What to do.... what to do....


I am in the process of selling that Tiffany 18K Interlocking Chain necklace that my exboyfriend gave to me last year. I never wore it and it was just sitting in my room. Everytime that I stared at it it would give me hypertension (high blood pressure in nursing jargon). ANYWAYS... it was $1000 before tax but I've listed it at $700. I've been getting a few offers for it so I'm really excited to have some $$$ soon! I was thinking of using the money to buy a different Tiffany necklace but we'll see. 


I love UGG boots. I don't care if people think they are ugly but they are awesome for school and lazy days.
This new style is $295 before tax and shipping 

I want a Celine bag so bad!! I think that I'm going to ask my boyfriend for one for my Christmas/Birthday/1yearAnniversary gift since they pretty much all on the same day in December lol

These Chloe high top wedge sneakers are on sale on Ebay for $400 including shipping
I loveeeeeeeeeeeee and I wanttttttttt
To buy or not to buy?

I want to buy my boyfriend this for Christmas. These sneakers are $470 before tax.

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